Saturday, September 8, 2012

I am: Democrat? Republican? Having a Cocktail? Pretty Sure I'm a Member of the Cocktail Party

I am a member...of the cocktail party. So is Jimmy Buffett. Cause it's 5'o clock somewhere. 

Heartbreak Hotel. Key West. Right at the END of Lonely Street

 Heartbreak hotel. Where you can break your heart AND say you've stayed on lonely street. 

This shit is bananas. B a n a n a s

Key West. Bananas. B a n a n a s 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Southernmost Point in Continental USA

 A fine southernmost view. 90 miles to cuba. 

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To get to the other side. 

Chickens. A Key West staple. 

I've got the moves like Jäger

Lmao! yeah that's about right.  Props to Takei for sharing!  We all got the moves like jäger this time o night. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

They are the music makers. We are the dreamers of a dream

  Dream on, dreamers. 
Island time is in full effect. Aerosmith agrees. 

Apparently Key West has caught on to the whole zombie craze

  Rob Zombie likes this.  And not just on Facebook. 

Sistah Funk. Rocking it out here in Key West. Apparently, it's Women's Fest!

 We could have had it all. Maybe we do...

Hello, Key West. My you're looking lovely today

 Jimmy Buffett agrees. 

Medical Afflictions of the Cartoon World

 Lmao seems about right. 

Hit the Road, Jack. And Don't Ya Come Back. Key West or Bust. It's go time


Reflections. On a fantastic stay in Key Largo

As we prepare to ramble on (Key West or bust) we reflect on a lovely stay in Key Largo. Although THIS stay did not include massive games of Marco Polo, we learned many important life lessons throughout our stay. For example, tequila Tuesdays in the Keys trump tequila Mondays in New York every day of the week (and twice on Thursdays). 
Also, the only appropriate thing to say when under attack by a swarm of Mosquitos is the following:
"damn the torpedoes, screw the Mosquitos!"

So there we have it. A very productive trip, indeed. So get YOUR tequila Tuesday (on Thursday) on in style...with this: