Saturday, August 11, 2012

WHAT WE DID THIS SUMMER. by Congress. The end.

A very short story, indeed. 

Man's best friend vs. Man's weird reclusive roommate who poops in a box.

Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria. 

What I love most about our relationship is that it's based solely on inappropriate conversations that no sane person should have. Ever.

Lol this reminds me of MORE than a few relationships of my own. #sameboatnotsaneboat

Cypress Hill agrees. 

Friday, August 10, 2012


  LMAO!  Ramming around town...

Cartman agrees.

I offended someone on Facebook. My work here is done.

LOL!  Done and done, my work here is done.  Like it?  On Facebook?  In real life? Not so much??  Yeah.... (not)
This is why Mark Zuckerberg needs to create a dislike button.  Stat.

I've learned that sometimes, all you have to say is "fuck it", and just live.

  True story.  Props to Shaun for sharing.  Couldn't have said it better myself.  Follow by example and say "fuck it".  I do.  You can too :)

A Simple Request: Occupy Your Obsessions. And Embrace Your OCD in Style.

Occupy Your Obsessions. And Embrace Your OCD in Style.

Cause it's a nice offset to our technology-induced ADD that we've all embraced so well. And for real, don't judge our obsessions (with Call Me Maybe and The Big Lebowski) brochachos. It's time to accept our addictions (to scarves...for reasons that shall remain nameless) and move on. #12stepstoscarffreeliving  

Cause "this is not Nam, Donny, there are RULES."

Welcome to the Occupy My Blog Movement on the move. Moving on. From confession to obsession. With ANYTHING that happens to strike our fancy at the current point in time (Jewelry? Pirates? Ninjas? All THREE?  Potentially...). Moving toward a new age of Aquarius. Where we are no longer judged for our downward spiral into scarf-a-holism and the cumulatively negative effects it is having on our collective lives. (including dehydration. From perspiration while wearing during heat wave...In New Orleans in August).  That's right, my friends, together, we are changing the social, emotional, anti social, evolutional and revolutional landscape as we know it. And for THAT we should be PROUD (little Lebowski Urban Achievers and proud we are of all of them). 

  However, as I'm sure you already know, bro, I DO have one more simple request to kick our collective occupations up a notch: to Occupy Your Obsessions.  Yes, my dear friends, it is HIGH time that we embrace our OCD. And accept the fact that our obsessions (with Call Me Maybe and Lebowski) have changed our collective lives (tho MAYBE not necessarily for the better). Cause at this point, we are too far gone. Too addicted to stop without severe symptoms of withdrawal. #callmemaybetakesoverworld
I'm a Lebowski, you're a Lebowski...So call us...MAYBE?

However, if you ask ME (maybe), some obsessions are HEALTHY. Would you have been able to pull that all nighter to ace your calculus exam without being absolutely OBSESSED with getting an A? Would you have transformed your roofdeck from a wasteland of boring furniture to a veritable garden of cactus-scapes without being positively obsessed with succulents? And what about that start-up for your ingenious jump-to-conclusions mat idea? You didn't get first round financing from a top quality venture capital firm by NOT being obsessed...with jumping to conclusions. And fo real, we need SOMETHING to balance out our technology induced ADD. (So here's my number, text me, maybe?)  

So get obsessed...with SUCCESS. And if your new goal in life just so happens to be meeting Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at some point in the not so distant future...Occupy your obsession to make it happen, captains.  Where there's a will, there is a way, as they say.

"If you WILL it Donny, it is NO dream."  

Use your OCD to your advantage (tweeting obsessively about Mick and Keith loving red doors, perhaps?) And grab their attention like a champ.  And if you DO, make sure to tell 'em "we'd be pleased to meet youz TOO!"

Happy Occupying!  Over and out for now. More updates to follow.  Unless we're so obsessed with The Big Lebowski that we will ONLY quote Lebowski lines from from here on out...A distinct possibility at this point.  "This is what happens, Larry..."

In the meantime, there's this to Occupy ourselves with.
 "The Dude Abides"         

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Words with Friends, Volume 26,438. Same Boat. Not to be Confused with Sane Boat


PS. Welcome to the Blog Party, Slovenia!  We hope youz enjoy our conversations.  Cause we sure do...

Lame Ninja Diaries, Chapter 3. Ninja Goes to FourSquare...Plays Ping Pong.

     Captain's Log.  02:00 hours.  Ninja stealthily sneaks into offices of FourSquare.  By signing in as guest.  Meets friend who works there.  Given tour of BADASS office.  Plays ping pong.  Loses twice.   Pretends to be employee.  Scans some documents.  Sends some emails.  Makes grand escape.  By taking the elevator.  Speaks to founder of tech start-up on elevator ride down.   He was happy they could be of service for a ninja's office needs.  LOL.  Ninja asks for job at said start-up (only partially joking) because of badass offices with ping pong tables and the following sign on door: "If the light is green, the trap is clean."   Ninja still for hire.  But possibly not for long... Ninja signing off.  Over and out for now.  More lame updates to follow.

I Have A Feeling that my Check Liver Light May Come on this Weekend


Haha props to Fuck Sensitivity for sharing.  Liver still in shock from NOLA collateral damage.  Still not on speaking terms...oh well.

Liver still staging a revolution.  But little does it know I'm STILL onto it's plans.  How's YOURS holding up?

The Dude Abides...

All the Pringle ladies

  Lmao!  Nice.  Props to Takei for sharing yet another gem.  All the Pringle ladies, all the pringle ladies.  If you like it then you shoulda put a Pringle on it?  Something like that...


  LOL Nice.  Props to DJ Xander Phoenix for sharing.  Like Like Like #iloveyoubutivechosentechno

And here he is NOW.  Mixing it up.  You'll like him.  And not just on Facebook.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


NYC takes on France in Epic Ping Pong Battle (to the death)

Who will win??? Time will tell. But my bets are on NYC. Cause we got BALLS. (ping pong balls that is)

And when I take home the gold medal in ping pong, I will report immediately to Philadelphia to run up the Rocky steps in a victory lap around the east coast.  In the meantime, there's this:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lame Ninja Diaries. Chapter 2. Ninja Sneaks Onto Movie Set

Lame Ninja diaries. Volume 2: ninja sneaks onto to movie set with GREAT stealth and dexterity. 
Captains log. 01:00 hours. Ninja stealthily sneaks onto set of filming of movie "two guns" starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. By walking through the front door. Was given a tour of set. Adapting with dexterity to unanticipated confrontations, when asked if member of crew, obvious response was "yes". Ninja for hire was "hired" to help unload food for actors. Witnessed filming of stunt doubles searching dark room with guns. Lame ninja stealthily joined crew for lunch.  By walking up to buffet and helping myself. 03:00 hours.  Ninja makes grand escape. By walking out the front door.  Ninja mission accomplished. Our work on set is done. Ninja signing off. Over and out for now.  More lame ninja stories to follow. 

Born on the Bayou

This guy was born on the Bayou.  So was CCR

Shrimp boats...bubba gump? With a side of birds.

Photo: Sunset on the Bayou
God's country...

Simply gorgeous.  Photos do NOT do it justice.

A Good Day of Fishing. On the Bayou

Phish agree