Saturday, April 7, 2012

Almost Famous: They are the Magic Makers. We are the Dreamers of a Dream.

Post Magic, Pre Fame.  Bring it fame.
Levi: making magic happen
Magic happening!

Amy: Magic maker - in action.
Another magic maker - in action.
They are the magic makers.  We are the dreamers of a dream/

KP.  On Stairway to Heaven.
Strike a pose.  Vogue.

Tools of the magic trade.
Magic, in the making!
Post Magic.  Pre Fame.  Ready to go live.

Night Before Fameday: KP = Lady in Red


Friday, April 6, 2012

Writing on the Wall. Read It: Sharks Drink Beer Too. So Can You.

Sharks drink beer too. You can too.
F-the Warhol Rape.  Did Warhol really rape people?  And is he still doing it from beyond the grave?
Read my lips: No new Axes, Faxes, Saxes, guess I'll quit while I'm ahead here...

Believe this is OWS Movement.  May 1st.  Shut it down

Monkeys wear sunglasses too.

Cabbies in Motion...

Cabbies in Motion.  Midtown East.
...Tend to stay in motion. 

Just an FYI.  With fameday quickly approaching, have decided the following:

-Am officially going by DLo from here on out.

-Everything I play gonna be funky, from now on.  Lou Donaldson style.

Before Fame Day = Good Friday, After Fame Day = LA Women Day, Not Folsom Prison Day

Today is D-Day, KP Day, Good Friday, Before Fameday. 
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
So let us pray: Psalm 23:4
"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."

We will fear no evil, Reality TV, shadow of death.  We are ready for you.

We hear that train a comin', coming round the bend...driving down your freeways, midnight alley's roam.

Well, KP just got into town about an hour ago, took a look around to see which way the wind blow...

Here's hoping that AF, After Fameday, we will all be LA a little lady in the city of light.  Little ladies in their hollywood bungalows.  Mr. Mojo Risin'...

...and not in Folsom Prison...Where we'll let that lonesome whistle, blow our blues away.

D-Day: You'll be Swell, You'll be Great, Gonna Have the Whole World on a Plate.

D-DAY, or KP Day is upon us and we're ready. Our flags of peace in place.  Our table is set for our last supper BF (Before-Fame).  KP made a successful lift off this morning, with estimated time of arrival 14:00 hours.  All preparations have been made for the first encounter of the third kind.  Easter Bunnies placed, eggs dyed, nails painted, hairs cut, Mermaids in the windows, Chiquita Banana women doing rain dances of fame and fortune.  KP, we are ready for fame!  T-1 till doomsday, er fameday.  And we'll be swell, we'll be great, gonna have the whole world on a plate!  Startin' here, startin' now, honey everything's coming up roses...  With any luck we won't wake up Sunday AF (After-Fame) thinking we're Ethel Merman.

War is hell. 

I'm Being Followed By a Moonshadow, Supermoonshadow, That is.

Moon Over Madison Square Park
Followed by Supermoonshadow all over town last night.

Supermoon + rooftop bar that doubles as set of Spaceballs the Movie +superfun people=SuperDuperMoonFab evening

Moon over 230 Fifth

Taxis in Motion.  Stay in Motion.  Supermoon Still Above.

And, that just happened.  Dink Dink.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Almost Famous: It's the End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine.

St. Patrick Prays for Us All.
As the world waits for our upcoming debut on reality TV, additional preparations are currently underway to welcome the KP invasion that is less than 24 hours away from descent upon our fair city. As Manhattanites scramble to get manis, pedis, waxing, hair cuts and new outfits, the fuzz is out patrolling the streets for any signs of public intoxication that could be construed as a threat. The three ring circus is set to go, the big brass band all keyed up. The animals in the zoo are also ready for their impending doom, er fame. Because after all, we're all almost famous, right? With the mass hysteria somewhat subsided, we are ready for the end of the world as we know it. And are feelin' fine.

So is REM. So bring it on KP: we are ready to face your wrath. Please have mercy on us mere mortals upon your arrival from outer space, er Pittsburgh.  At this point, all that can be said is Dog Speed.  May the luck of the Irish be with us.  We're certainly going to need it.  God save us.

Manhattan Prepares for Coming of Kristin N' The Gang Invasion: Happy Effin' Easter Style.

Manhattan welcomes KP & the Sunshine Band
Happy Effin' Easter Style.
As the race against time to prepare for the Kristin invasion of NYC and Reality TV continues on, Rockefeller Center has prepared this offering of peace to welcome their arrival from outer space, er Pittsburgh.  Happy effin' Easter!

Will it be enough to assuage this group of feisty women?  To avoid the wrath of intoxication and misdemeanors about the ascend on our fair city?  Only time will tell...However, in order to hedge our bets, there's also this.  Should make them feel right at home....Phwew, that should do the trick.  Our work here is done.

Eggs.  From outer space.  Invaded Rock Center.
Hedge our bets.  God save us.
Throw in some happy, calming music and we're all set.  See you tomorrow, KP!  We can only hope they come in peace...

Your Daily Dose of Writing on The Wall. Read It.

If you will it, Donny, it is no dream.  Just do

Welcome to your Daily Dose of Writing on the Wall.  Read it.  And weep.  Or dance.  Or be inspired.  Or just sit there.  Or show no emotion whatsoever.  All the same to me.

Bummer.  No smoking.  No alcohol.  No sleeping.
No problemo!  Wasn't trying to sleep anyway this week.
Birthday celebration that never sleeps.  No end in sight.
Party on till the break of dawn.  Sleep still = for the birds.

Alcohol.  Beer.  Bluffing.  Golf.  Cherry blossoms make
cameo appearance.  Upper right.

Love "Slugs".  Slugs.  Now enlightened.  Magic carpet ride?  Hmmmmm.

F-U I'm Batman.  Hmmmm.  Nope, don't think so. Not possible.  I am.  Batman Incognito, that is....
Now Ella's got a real twinkle in her eyes.
Cats still getting their day in the sun.

Now Playing.  Satan's Whore.  Don't miss it.



The British are Coming! The British are Coming! KP Invasion. T Minus 1. Manhattan Prepares Accordingly by Hitting the Panic Button.

The British are coming, the British are coming!  Just kidding. They aren't coming.  Not that I'm aware of anyway.  But, no...something far more destructive is headed our way.  KP and the sunshine gang, rocketing to Manhattan.  Launch scheduled for T minus one day.

Don't let her fair facade fool you, she is armed and dangerous.  With spiked heels and large handbags.
The destructor!  Manhattan is preparing accordingly by battening down the hatches! Unfurling the roller furlers!  Coming about!  Manning the port bow!  All hands on deck!

Kp invasion in T minus one day!  We are running out of time people!  Don't just do something stand there! Whatever you do, act natural!  And for the love of god, don't panic!!!!!

Police out with full show of force...well, mostly standing around, but more to come later for sure.

The race against time is on to run for shelter.  Get your shelter on RIGHT NOW!  And prepare for the coming of KP and the gang, Invasion 2012. 

Don't have any shelter?  Mick and Keith are happy to oblige.

Run for cover!  Don't panic!  Act naturally!
And May god have mercy on our souls....

Armani Exchange Loves New York. Love, It's What's for Dinner.

So does the City of Lights.  So do I.  What a coincidence...Let your love light shine on with this lovely version of the Grateful Dead Classic tune Love Light.  Lot's a lovin' going on in this town.  See below. 

Love: it's what's for dinner.  With side of kissing fishes.

Fishes Kisses.  For dinner. 
With Chinese on the side.
Unconditional Love.  Swims with Fishes.  Didn't forget the Umbrella.