Saturday, July 7, 2012

I just met you, and this is crazy, But here's my squeak toy, Throw it maybe

  Oh how CUTE!  Your daily dose of Call Me Maybe just got adorable, that is of course until this song is stuck in your head until the end of time...nothing cute about THAT.  Oh well, may as well change your lives...with Call Me Maybe, tho not neccessarily for the better.  Cause at this point, what do we got to lose?  May as well try everything...


Friday, July 6, 2012

I wish more things in my life could be blamed on auto correct (aka: Never correct)

 When in doubt, blame Steve Jobs.  That's what we can too :) 
Alternative solution: blame it on the rain.  Milli Vanilli style...

Reflections. On a FANTASTIC City, Pittsburgh PA. You've Got A Friend in Pennsylvania (lots of 'em)

And epic reunions times three. We reunite! For whats right (not left).Nothing beats old friends. No matter HOW many new ones you meet. And friends from PA are the BEST kind of friends...friends till the end. Cause after all, the old school PA license plates were NOT lying when they said "you've got a friend in Pennsylvania". Yep, that we do. Real friends. The best! Gettin' by with a little help from our friends (in Pennsylvania)

.PA 85 #HJD-841 
So are the Beatles.  See below for more details.

Weekend Forecast: HOT HOT HOT

Lmao awesome! Heatwave?  No problem.  Alcohol to the hot hot

Trips down memory lane. First internship...One Oxford Center style

Guess who rode an elevator with Mario Lemieux here? And had NO clue who he was? Hint: it wasn't you....

Bridge to Somewhere. Pirates?

Hell yes. Pittsburgh Pirates as a matter of fact. PNC Park style...

Newsflash: Pittsburgh has Bridges (lots of em) And Rivers. THREE of them. Whachu got?

Got Pittsburgh? (You SHOULD)

Recline on the Incline. And take a walk on the wild side

In Pittsburgh, PA. ONE bad ass town.  Lou Reed agrees.

Never gets old. Two great Americans. Side by side. George Washington and Franco Harris

Only in Pittsburgh. Lol

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

United States of the World

United we stand, gangstas.

Smile. You're born on the Fourth of July, America

Stars and stripes forever

Live from New's the Fourth of July!

Empire state of mind

Happy Fourth y'all

Revolution! Our style.

Proud to be independent

Ramming around town. Ben Franklin style.

Viva La Scarf!

Viva la revolution! Viva la scarf! We unite for independence. On independence day. With scarves.

Hey I just met you and this is CRAZY, but I just bit you and I have rabies

I can BARELY Hear You

With all this Waldorf noise

Monday, July 2, 2012

Words On The Street...East Village Style: Read Em and Weep. YUCK FELP! Live Your Life, Eat a Sandwich.

  Chilly sucks.  Heatwave sucks worse
  Yuck FELP!  Live your life, eat a sandwich.  (done and done, consider it done)
 The Love Child (they're everywhere)
  Screwtape?  LOL awesome!  Have to figure out where to purchase this screwtape...for next blog party

So a man walks into a bar with a monkey...

Lmao I forgot the rest of the joke but your mom is a whore.  Haha your mother jokes never get old...

Mick Jagger agrees, Monkey Man.

No matter what anyone tells me, I'm gonna...

Do whatever the fuck I want. Funny cause it's true...just saying.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Don't shoot the messenger

A Simple Request: Occupy Your Bailout Request. And when you find YOURS, please share with US at your earliest convenience. #whenindoubtbailmeout

Cause sharing is caring, Carebears.  And the Country of D-Lo is on the precipice of collapse…our funding status precariously teetering on the verge of (moral?) bankruptcy…a debt crisis SURE to shake world financial markets worse than Spain and Greece put together.  

Seeking shelter from the financial storm...
“When in doubt, bail me out.” 

Welcome to your weekly update on the Occupy My Blog Movement on the Move.  Moving on and on… to higher and higher levels of financial burden…SPENDING our way into oblivion.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my fellow Occupiers, who continue to Occupy the SHIT out of my blog… SPENDING your precious time so wisely, each and every day.  Together, we are changing the social, political, mythical, theatrical and clerical landscape as we know it.  And for that, we should be PROUD.

However, I DO have one more simple request to kick this movement into high gear: Occupy Your Bailout Request.  And when YOURS arrives, please share with us at your earliest convenience.  Cause the country of D-Lo has filed a bailout request with the ECB…who appears to be too busy with Spain and Greece to respond.  And THIS country’s gonna be late on their debt service in a matter of weeks if no bailout’s in store.   Austerity bites, people. (so does reality).

That’s right folks, bailouts.  The word on the street.  The hottest trend.  The new new thing.  Careless with your finances?  Austerity programs not working out for you?  (it BITES, remember?)  Find those 5 pairs of new shoes ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TO YOUR CONTINUED EXISTENCE here on earth?  Are creditors knocking down your door like bats out of hell?  A simple solution: Put in your bailout request.  And get in line.  Cause bailouts are the order of the day.

And when you find YOURS, please bail ME out at your earliest convenience.  Cause OUR performing loans are about to go nonperforming real soon…already downgraded to junk status with borrowing costs skyrocketing.  A looming credit crisis of (moral) bankruptcy about to disrupt world financial markets worse than Lehman.  Worse than Europe.  Financial (moral) Armageddon, people.  You WON’T like it…guaranteed.  (And certainly not on Facebook)

Trending now: #bailoutsforall  “Here a bailout, there a bailout, everywhere a bailout.”  So get your bailout on in style…occupy the SHIT outta it.  And share with me as soon as humanly possible.

This guy cares
Cause our newest tagline has arrived: “When in doubt, Bail me out.”  LIKE it? (Hint: you SHOULD)...Fo real too, not just on Facebook.  Cause it rhymes.  And rhyming is cool (a WELCOME temperature during this East Coast heat wave)

So share it up, Carebears.  Cause friends don’t let friends go bankrupt. We SHARE…and care….but honey badger don’t.  That guy never fucking cares.  SO not cool (hot actually…heat wave hot)
Honey badger 

So stay cool (in school), and Happy Occupying!  Over and out for now. More updates to follow…unless we go bankrupt…at which point we’ll be too poor to write any more.  Next stop?  Starvation Station…Let’s HOPE a bailout arrives before WE do ;)
Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

Roof with a view

I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned