Saturday, June 16, 2012

Party it up, DJ

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I never finish anyt

Fuck. Lmao. Funny cause it's true

Hey I Just Met You, and This is CRAZY, But I Lied About Birth Control, I'm Having Your Baby

Photo  LMAO!  Props to Chris 4 sharing!  Your daily DOUBLE dose of Call Me Maybe is right here.  Cause we're having your baby.  So Call Us?  Maybe?  And change your life, like this song has changed mine (tho not necessarily for the better).

Words with Friends, Volume 10,082. Mormons Know How to Party

  Yep, those Mormons in Salt Lake City SURE know how to throw down...some dairy.  Let's have a good ole fashioned dairy hoe down, shall we?  And dosie do...Mormon style.  Hanna Montana's down...for a hoedown throwdown.  Are you?

  PS. Welcome to the blog party, Pakistan!  Hope you enjoy your OWN hoedown throwdown.  With dairy on the side.

T Minus 1 to P-DAY! The Countdown Continues...So Speak To Me Baby, In the Middle of the Night (TOMORROW NIGHT!)

T Minus 1 people, till the party that never sleeps in the city that never sleeps, on a roof with no name!   You ready??  Your preview of a fantastic sunrise after we don't sleep tomorrow night is RIGHT HERE.  Catch it.

And, speak to me baby, in the middle of the night (TOMORROW NIGHT!)  

See the storm is broken... the middle of the night
nothing left here for me
it's washed away

the rain pushes

the buildings aside

the sky turns black

the sky

wash it far

push it out to sea

there's nothing left here

for me

i watch it lift up to the sky

i watch it crush me

and then i die

speak to me baby

in the middle of the night

pull your mouth

close to mine

i can see the wind coming down

like black night

so speak to me

like the winds outside

it's broken up, pushing us

hear the rain fall

see the wind come to my eyes

see the storm broken

now nothing

speak to me baby

in the middle of the night

speak to me

hold your mouth to mine

'cause the sky is breaking

it's deeper than love

i know the way you feel

like the rains outside

speak to me

LIVE FROM NEW YORK: It's Flag Day! Rock Center Celebrates in Style. See Below for More Details.

  Flag it UP in Rock Center!
  Flags, flags and more flags!
  Flags fly high! Wave that Flag....for Flag Day.
  Patriotism is cool.  Jerry agrees.  So go ahead, WAVE THAT FLAG on FLAG DAY and flag around town. We sure do.  You can too.