Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well, Well, Well...It Appears that SOMEONE (me) has a SECRET Facebook Admirer. Call Me? Maybe?

Stock Image - golden hearts 
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and photo clipartWell, well, WELL, just discovered THIS gem of a note in my inbox...so it appears as tho SOMEONE (hint: me) has a secret facebook admirer.  LOL.  Nice.  First time for everything, I guess.    
Nirvana agrees.  Heart shaped box (inbox?)  

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"I feel great to be writing this beautiful woman,the photo on your profile struck and hit my attention.I really an honest, I don't know why i am writing you but i believe there should be a reason perhaps you are too beautiful that i cant take my eyes off you pics or perhaps its the love thing at first sight. Truly it is called falling in love because we fall without noticing that we are actually falling, and should in case that just happened to me i do pray and hope I am falling into right hands. Have a blessed day sweetness I remain" 

Well, the guy sure knows how to flatter...good stuff, my man!  You get four thumbs up for that one.  Poetic = cool

"I remain".  GOOD stuff!  Tho no comment on the falling into right hands thing...Nope no comment there...just gonna keep mouth shut on that one...LOL  Yep, right hands?  Who the hell knows...maybe?  Call me, MAYBE?  OH SNAP!  Your sneak attack daily dose of CALL ME MAYBE is RIGHT HERE!  Catch it.  And change your life.  (tho not necessarily for the better)

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