Saturday, September 15, 2012

Venice Beach. Kickin it West Coast Style

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lame Ninja Diaries. Chapter 5.

Lame Ninja Diaries. Chapter 5.

Captains log 0700 hours, September 12, 2012. Ninja stealthily crashes fashion week party at the old limelight. By walking through the front door. Knows the DJ spinning the event. Meets him to hang out. When asked if Ninja is part of the event the only appropriate response is "yes". Free drinks and dancers with large feathers abound. 0800 hours. Ninja makes great escape. By walking out the front door. Another successful operative mission. Over and out for now. More lame ninja stories to follow.
Ninja whith swordMartial arts -Ninja whith swordMartial arts -Ninja whith swordMartial arts -Ninja whith swordMartial arts -

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Key West Memes: Hey...I'm a Cat and I'm Happy Bout Dat!

  Key West memes.  This fine piece of artwork was done by the creator of Felix the Cat's son.  Very cool!  Keeping it in the family....

In other cat memes, here's a fine feline from none other than Earnest Hemingway's grand estate.  Got 6 toes...and prolly happy bout dat too :)  Ted Nugent agrees.

As We Prepare for the Epic Journey of the Century, a Few Things to Keep in Mind Compliments of C.S. Lewis "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."

  How true.  Props to Gary for sharing!  In other news, checklist for Australia almost complete:
-Watch Crocodile Dundee - Check
-Watch Anthony Bordain's No Reservations, Sydney Episode - Check
-Pack everything I own into a suitcase I'll no longer be able to lift and/or maneuver - Check
-Learn all lyrics to the song "We come from the land down under" - Check
-Master Australian accent - almost complete - G'Day mate is sounding more and more passable.  Shrimp on the barbie, however, needs some work.

T minus 2 till epic journey around the world begins...are we prepared? Only time will tell.  In the meantime, there's this:

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my basement, I'm John Wayne Gacy

 Whelp, here it is, your daily dose of Call Me Maybe, compliments of my newest friend in Key West, Matt.  Virtual high five, bro!  Cause you've apparently changed your life like we all wish we could.  With call me maybe in our heads until the end of time.  So, change YOUR life, and Call Us?  Maybe?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering Those Who Lost Their Lives 11 Years Ago Today

It's a sad day to be back in New York City, where what seems like not too long ago (and certainly not 11 years ago), the twin towers fell.  How many times have you thought back and remembered clearly as if it happened yesterday where you were that morning at 8:46 when the first plane struck?  How many stories have you traded with others about the course of events in our own lives that morning, as almost 3,000 people in New York City lost their own?  Even though 11 years have gone by, this day never gets any easier and is simply impossible to forget.
However, I believe what can give us all courage, strength and hope is to look at this period in history as a time of rebuilding.  Picking up the pieces and carrying on.  A time of coming together, supporting each other, regardless of our political affiliation, our nationality, the color of our skin, the color of our hair, our line of work, our religious persuasion.  Because on this day, 11 years ago, we were ALL Americans.  We were ALL New Yorkers.  We were ALL human beings in shock and dismay trying to sort through the aftermath.  We supported each other on that day, the weeks and months following, and still do today.  (We even abstained from making fun of New Jersey...though that later resumed, as it's ingrained into our collective psyches)

A symbol of that rebuilding...our regeneration of what was, can be seen right here.  With the new Freedom Towers going up faster than anyone had imagined could be done in less than a year.  And THAT, is a sight to make us all PROUD.  So let's take respite on this solemn day in our skyline's rebirth, renewal, and growth.  To new dizzying heights.  Cause I'm sure those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks are proud.  Of our resilience in the face of tragedy.  Of our strength to carry on.  Of our love of country and each other.  Of our persistence onward to a new tomorrow.... a new dawn, where we all hope and pray for an age where acts of terror and senseless loss of life is a distant remnant of the past.  An age of peace, love and prosperity for all.  I, for one, think its within the realm of possibility.  John Lennon did too.