Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whoop There it IS. Step into my Office. You Like this.

Whoop there it IS.  View from my office.  Like it?  I DO.

Big rabbits. Bad mood. Lol

Start a meaningful relationship with millions

Done. Check. Consider it done.

We like NYPD

Cause they help a sista out. Of pirate jam. Like like like. I'm friends with unions. In Philly. Are you? Hint: you should be. Comes in handy my friends. Yep. Handy. Not handsy.

We Like Firefighters

Cause we started the fire. Like it? You WILL.

Oh snap!


Check us out. We're naked. For your information.

You like this.

Get lost. A lot. Like me. You see?

What I Meant was Disco cacti ready to party 6/15/12

Confused yet? We are....6/15 party day. 6/16 phish day. Aka: ruin your life round two. Woo!

Cheesesteaks. From Philly. With Love xoxo

Pats steaks r better than Gino's

Disco cacti ready to party. 6/16/2012

Live from new york, it's disco cacti! Woo! Party it up, buttercup!

Your Rose my Good Man

Catch THIS.

Yu sick bastards. Lmfao

Top ten Reasons not to Murder me

1. You LIKE me. Remember?
2. I sprung you from jail. Thank me? By not murdering me.
3. You took this photo. If I die, who you gonna play photo shoot with?
4. You like me. Don't forget.
5. I told the DA you were cool and to go easy. See? No reason to kill me...
6. My place May be under surveillance by NYPD. DIDNT LIKE JAIL the first time? Def won't like second time.
7. Murderers never prosper. Mark my words.
8. Everyone will know who did it. You will go to federal pound me in the ass prison
9. You like me. Never forget.
10. I have your tattoo design. Murder me and you WON'T get it.

Your Face is now Part of Manhattan Skyline. Happy Now? You Should Be. Just Saying...

An interesting Profile. Operation Fuck this Shit was a SUCCESS. Mission Accomplished.

Now it's time for FAMEDAY take two. This time on stage. Here goes nothin. Whelp at least it's IMPROV and theres nothing to prepare. Done on the fly. Fly people. You're free! To join us tonight. See you there? Maybe?

Birds Like my aloof roof with a life of its own. You will TOO. ON 6/15.

You like this. ALOT.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Something to blog about. Us.

There. Your jailbreak sir. For dinner. Happy now?

You're Free! Just don't kill me. (not kidding). Everyone will know who did it. Then who will bail your ass out???? Look before you leap my good man. And don't murder me. Okie doke? Good. Freedom is a GOOD THING. JAIL = not a good thing. I ain't got no time fo NO MORE MOTHER FUKKIN BAILOUTS. that's all youz get. There. Done and done consider it done.

OK Operation Jailbreak is a GO. My Signal Is Turkey. Turkey, Sandman Viper Command. Got it? GO

We hereby give you permission to celebrate "Fuck this shit time" in style.  Girls style.  My style...You Turkey.  GO!  Operation Fuck this shit is underway.  Going according to plan.  I suggest you do the same.

Just don't get arrested A-Holes.  Mmmkay?  Good.  Cause we're too sexy for jail.  LOL  Right said Fred is too.

PRIMUS! LOOK! MY NAME IS MUD TOO! Rock & Roll Forever!!!!

Won't be attending but would LIKE to.  Busy on Fameday take time...In the meantime, there's this.

Why is Facebook going public? They couldn't figure out the privacy settings, either.

  LOL.  Takei is the MAN!  Shouts out!  Lmfao

Anyone Know if You Can Check Your Facebook From Jail?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Phony rappers in red.  Behind bars...Not for LONG.  Jailbreak in T minus 1.5  Get ready, get set....don't GO YET.  
  I'd suggest you keep the card (not my credit card tho)
Guess who?  Hint: Might be YOU...
  Listen to the voice of reason: KEEP THIS CARD.  You'll need it...just saying...   Can you check Facebook?  From jail?  I HOPE SO...

  Inner Circle does too.

Joe Biden's Campaign Slogans Could Really Use Some Work. "Go Home, Get a Loan, from your Parents" LOL

Props to Conan for sharing.  You rock!  LOL

HULK! Your father....I am

Planets. You Dig It? Hard to get Tired of THIS Picture. Much Unlike Facebook IPO News

Diggable planets.

Almost Famous AGAIN: T Minus One To Fameday Take Two, THIS Time On Stage. Join US Tomorrow. Maybe?

  Level One: The Principles of Improv Class Show

Whelp, here goes nothing.  T-1 till fameday take two, this time on stage doing IMPROV.  Bunch O improvers over here.  You coming or what?  Please RSVP to my facebook invite PLEASE.  Thanks very much.  -The mgmt.  PS.  IT's FREE.  Now you have NO excuse for not coming.

LOOK!  There we ARE NOW!  Almost Famous...AGAIN.  Yep, going there again.  Famous, that is...Like US?  (YOU MUST)

This is why we don't have friends.  Only facebook friends.  Not real ones.  LOL

  Whelp, here we go.  Famous.  Again.  Tomorrow.  Join us?  Maybe?  Or at least CALL ME?  MAYBE?  Change your life.  Listen to call me maybe.  It changed mine.
Tho not neccessarily for the better...

Get obsessed.  With Fame. And Call me maybe.  RIGHT HERE.  Catch it.


Saturday, May 19th @ 6:30 sharp!  Be there.  Magnet Theater.  30th and 8th Avenue.  See yours truly act immature (not so much of an act tho...Nope, not really...)
  See this face?  It wants to see YOUR face tomorrow at 6:30.

And it's time for this: I'm ready to lmfao.  Are YOUZ?  (You should be...)  See Below...