Friday, May 18, 2012

Anyone Else Getting Sick of Hearing About Facebook's IPO? New Topic: The WEATHER outside is Delightful. Too Bad Am Stuck in Jail, er Office. Jailbreak time in T minus 3 Hours.

SHARES OPEN… Up, Down… Back Around $40… LIVE UPDATES

Facebook's Underwriters Stepped In To Prop Up Share Price... (WHO CARES?)
82 Million Shares Traded In First 30 Seconds... (Again...WHO CARES?) An Off Day For Nasdaq?... Bono's Facebook Stake To Make Him Richest Rocker...(WHO CARES?  Certainly not honey badger.  He never fucking cares) Where It All Began... Five Things Facebook Won't Be Telling You... (WHO GIVES A SHIT?)
'Farmville' Maker's Shares See Big Fall, Recovery During FB IPO (Who gives a FLYING F@CK?)

Change the frigging topic people you are boring me.  Next topic is how I'm going to jailbreak you all out in t minus 3 hours.  Get ready, get set, GO (not yet...wait for my signal sandman viper command)

You ALL are in jail and I'm gonna spring ya.  Cause that's how philly people roll.  We like revolution and revolting behavior.  LIKE US?  You WILL.  When we spring you from the big house.  Cause we're not going to the white collar kind of prison.  We're going to FEDERAL pound me in the ass prison.  Like office space.  See below.


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