Thursday, May 17, 2012

AS IF We Needed MORE Proof Philly People Have Each Other's Backs, A Warning: I Have FRIENDS in High Places, am NOT Afraid to Call in the Big Guns. Compliments of Philly Friends. BEST Friends Anyone Could Have. See Below for More Details.

Yep, high places.  In the NYPD, compliments of Philly connects.  Soooooo, if you happen to know where I live and perhaps are considering an assault of some sort because I've pissed you off with ONE too many your motha jokes, THINK AGAIN.  Place MAY or MAY not be under surveillance.  And I'm not telling you which.  GOT THAT?  Yes?  Good...

Cause YOU may have friends in low places, like Garth Brooks, but MINE trump yours any day of the week. Philly peeps have each others back and are friends to the END.  Are NOT afraid to call in the reserves for fellow Philly friends.  Consider yourselves warned.  Care to mess around?  I just MAY call in the big guns, which are not gonna be fun.  Guarenteed.

In the meantime, try love vs. hate.  lovestatue1Better karma that way...mkay?  Otherwise Karma Police might need to make an arrest (not to mention the NYPD).  They're out in full effect these days...see below:

  Don't say I didn't warn you.  Oh, and you can thank me later :)  (by not showing up)

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