Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost Famous AGAIN: T Minus One To Fameday Take Two, THIS Time On Stage. Join US Tomorrow. Maybe?

  Level One: The Principles of Improv Class Show

Whelp, here goes nothing.  T-1 till fameday take two, this time on stage doing IMPROV.  Bunch O improvers over here.  You coming or what?  Please RSVP to my facebook invite PLEASE.  Thanks very much.  -The mgmt.  PS.  IT's FREE.  Now you have NO excuse for not coming.

LOOK!  There we ARE NOW!  Almost Famous...AGAIN.  Yep, going there again.  Famous, that is...Like US?  (YOU MUST)

This is why we don't have friends.  Only facebook friends.  Not real ones.  LOL

  Whelp, here we go.  Famous.  Again.  Tomorrow.  Join us?  Maybe?  Or at least CALL ME?  MAYBE?  Change your life.  Listen to call me maybe.  It changed mine.
Tho not neccessarily for the better...

Get obsessed.  With Fame. And Call me maybe.  RIGHT HERE.  Catch it.


Saturday, May 19th @ 6:30 sharp!  Be there.  Magnet Theater.  30th and 8th Avenue.  See yours truly act immature (not so much of an act tho...Nope, not really...)
  See this face?  It wants to see YOUR face tomorrow at 6:30.

And it's time for this: I'm ready to lmfao.  Are YOUZ?  (You should be...)  See Below...

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