Saturday, September 29, 2012

Captains log. Day 8 at Sea. The Oyster is Your World.

Captains log. Day 8 at Sea. 04 hundred hours. The Oyster is Your World.

A fruitful day at sea thus far, though we didn't win at Bingo. Close but no cigar. Bummer but there's always blackjack later this evening. The question on everyone's mind is the following: WHO comes up with these ridiculous Bingo terms, like one little duck (for a 2) and two snakes (55) where everyone hisses and sounds ridiculous? When in Rome...

In other breaking news, the Asian ping pong occupation continues into day 8 and the natives are restless. Brazilians have occupied the dance floor for the last three days in a form of protest. Aussies are occupying the pool with authority and it has yet to be determined what the Brits have up their sleeve but our sources say they have commenced with operation "shock and awe" by piling more food than thought humanly possible on their buffet plates while bum rushing the chocolate-making demonstration currently in progress. Americans are mainly occupying the Internet cafe comparing notes on their relatively slow connections while checking in on Facebook to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Finally, an out and out battle has ensued between the americans and aussies as to the appropriate nomenclature for ketchup vs tomato sauce (you say tomato, I say tomaato) Not to mention the disagreement over how the saying goes: the world is your oyster versus: the oyster is your world. I'm going with the oyster is your world...

Captain signing off. Over and out for now. More updates to follow.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Mouse Versus Mouse. LOL He's dead, Jim

Captains log. 05 hundred hours. Day 7 at Sea. The Asian Ping Pong Occupation Continues.

Captains log. 05 hundred hours. Day 7 at Sea. The Asian Ping Pong Occupation Continues.

Our first at sea day after invading Hawaii and the continuing saga unfolds as the Asian ping pong table occupation continues. As the crew, guests and staff wait with baited breath for their chance to play, the question still remains as to whether the Asians will EVER end their steadfast occupation. Rumors of various factions on the ship ready to stage occupations of their own have been confirmed. The Aussies are preparing to occupy the swimming pool while eating shrimp on the barbie in form of protest. British are not taking this quickly escalating situation lying down either. No, they are preparing an occupation of their own, and sources say it may or may not involve the buffet table and afternoon tea. (Tea party, perhaps?). The French are stockpiling baguettes for an impending duel and Germans have been reported to be hoarding bratwurst on deck 7. Americans have taken a bold stand by mainly occupying the hot tub while watching Thursday night football. Not to be outdone, Canadians are busy dousing themselves in maple syrup and Molson Ice while being extraordinarily nice to everyone they meet. Only time will tell how this ongoing story will unfold, but we will be sure to report back with the latest breaking developments.

In other news, I've been invited to stay with some nice folks in Melbourne post invading Sydney and Bondi Beach at the end of our journey. Apparently, there is a big horse race there during the first week in November that is considered practically a national holiday...MAY have to take them up on the invite. Additionally, Canadians have offered to market my incubating jewelry line in Ottawa and Australians have offered to do the same in Australia. Therefore, in summary, it is STILL confirmed that Canadians and Aussies are friendlier than New Yorkers. Captain signing off. Over and out for now. More updates to follow.

Cruisin' for a bruisin'...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mountains Where they filmed Jurassic Park and King Kong

Bye bye Kauai. All lined up and no place to go

Except Tahiti! Here we go yo, here we go yo....5 days at sea (god help us)

Debris from Tsunami in Japan last year. Made it all the way to Kauai

 Incredible the debris made it to Hawaii from last year's tsunami in Japan  

Free Falling. Wailua Falls, Kauai

Hawaii state of mind. 

Pink Moon

Over the Pacific

Banyan Companions

 Banyan trees. We like them.  And not just on Facebook.  In real life too.

Duck! Hawaiian Duck, that is...Meet Duke the Duck. Hawaii's Finest

Only in Hawaii would you find a duck wearing a lei.  Yep, pretty special. And APPARENTLY Duke the duck was almost malled by a mongoose, not to mention thwarting an attempted kidnapping by a local vagrant.  Duke's had a storied life thus far and is officially ONE LUCKY DUCK.  (of course he is...he lives in Hawaii)

Flower Power

 Hawaian style.

A LOVELY Day in Waikiki

Surf's UP!  Blue Hawaian... Sea turtles were spotted 20 feet off the coast.  An ADDED bonus.

Breaking News: Oahu has Ninjas Too. See Below for More Details.

Anyone think I need this sign???  I MAY have to purchase.  

The Meaning of Aloha

In case youz were you can thank me later

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Aloha! From Hawaii With Love

Captain's Log. Day 3 At Sea. 07 hundred hours. The Asian Ping Pong Table Occupation Continues.

Captain's Log. Day 3 At Sea. 07 hundred hours. The Asian Ping Pong Table Occupation Continues.

A successful voyage across the Pacific thus far. New friends abound, young and old. Not even to Australia yet and accomplished part of the determine what a Dingo is (a wild dog) and figure out the best places to dive the great barrier reef (Cairns). Still working on determining the nature and consistency of Vegemite, but plenty of time for that.

Also, NEWSFLASH: apparently one has a better chance of getting attacked by a kangaroo in OZ than a shark. We'll see about that...

In other news, it has yet to be determined whether the two Asian couples will end their occupation of the ping pong tables in the foreseeable future. Only time will tell, but passengers and crew are waiting in anticipation for the latest developments in this breaking story. It has been rumored that a certain faction of passengers may or may not stage a protest if the Asian occupation continues on into day 4 (by Occupying the hot tub, perhaps?). In the meantime, we will continue our coverage as this dramatic story continues to unfold.

Over and out for now. More updates to follow.

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