Saturday, September 29, 2012

Captains log. Day 8 at Sea. The Oyster is Your World.

Captains log. Day 8 at Sea. 04 hundred hours. The Oyster is Your World.

A fruitful day at sea thus far, though we didn't win at Bingo. Close but no cigar. Bummer but there's always blackjack later this evening. The question on everyone's mind is the following: WHO comes up with these ridiculous Bingo terms, like one little duck (for a 2) and two snakes (55) where everyone hisses and sounds ridiculous? When in Rome...

In other breaking news, the Asian ping pong occupation continues into day 8 and the natives are restless. Brazilians have occupied the dance floor for the last three days in a form of protest. Aussies are occupying the pool with authority and it has yet to be determined what the Brits have up their sleeve but our sources say they have commenced with operation "shock and awe" by piling more food than thought humanly possible on their buffet plates while bum rushing the chocolate-making demonstration currently in progress. Americans are mainly occupying the Internet cafe comparing notes on their relatively slow connections while checking in on Facebook to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Finally, an out and out battle has ensued between the americans and aussies as to the appropriate nomenclature for ketchup vs tomato sauce (you say tomato, I say tomaato) Not to mention the disagreement over how the saying goes: the world is your oyster versus: the oyster is your world. I'm going with the oyster is your world...

Captain signing off. Over and out for now. More updates to follow.

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