Friday, May 18, 2012

City Hall. Philadelphia PA. Your TRUE STORY Comin' At Ya (It's Pretty Good) You Are NOT DEAD Because of My Father.

There he is now, on top o city hall!  Not killing anyone because of yours truly's fam...
City Hall = awesome times 20 in my book.  So here's your true story of the day.  Compliments of my father and in honor of City Hall.   So you know the William Penn Statue that Occupies the top O City Hall (Philly people please)?  Well...back in the day, circa 1950 there was a question as to whether William Penn would hold up (no one really knew whether the screws holding him in were the right metal and or if he would hold up and not someday fall on some innocent bystander)  WELL, my father worked at the Franklin Institute at the time.  So they called him in.  Sooooooo, when my dad went up there to investigate, he took a magnet to determine if the screws holding ol William Penn in place were, in fact, copper, as they had claimed and not some other metal that wouldn't hold up....SO, they checked it out, but the funny part O the story is that they could NOT reach the screw in William Penn's hand that reaches out over the city.  So guess what they did??  Went out on the street and paid some ten year old kid to accompany them up there and climb into William Penn's arm! LOL LOL  Would NOT fly these days but DID back THEN!  Hahahahahaha.  Here kid, come up and risk your life while we lower you into the statue 100 ft above ground.  Here's 30 cents for your trouble. LOL  But guess what?  That kid determined whether William Penn needed to be repaired in order to make him stable perched above the City of Brotherly Love.  So in that way, he changed history.  And we THANK him.  For not letting William Penn Statue fall the F off City Hall and smash one of our faces to bits.  True story people.  Can't make this up...Props to my DAD for replacing ALL the screws in the statue, so it didn't KILL one of our forefathers.  Turns out, the screws in the statue WERE NOT the appropriate screws to hold William Penn in place for very long...they were replaced, with the help O my dad and the boy on the street.  Shouts out for that!  WOO!  You're not dead or maimed because O my family.  Like that?  How you like us now? You SHOULD.  
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