Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top ten Reasons not to Murder me

1. You LIKE me. Remember?
2. I sprung you from jail. Thank me? By not murdering me.
3. You took this photo. If I die, who you gonna play photo shoot with?
4. You like me. Don't forget.
5. I told the DA you were cool and to go easy. See? No reason to kill me...
6. My place May be under surveillance by NYPD. DIDNT LIKE JAIL the first time? Def won't like second time.
7. Murderers never prosper. Mark my words.
8. Everyone will know who did it. You will go to federal pound me in the ass prison
9. You like me. Never forget.
10. I have your tattoo design. Murder me and you WON'T get it.

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