Monday, June 11, 2012

Words with Friends, Volume 9,414. Steve Jobs Fucks with Us From Beyond the Grave on Tequila Mindays

Where DOES autocorrect get these mystery words?  From Steve Jobs.  Fucking with us ALL from beyond the grave in his empire in the sky.  Sitting a top his icloud, laughing down at us poor souls trying to type out the word "Monday".  Minday, steve?  Hahaha, real funny.  Or how bout "lame"? Not in your vocabulary, either eh?  Obviously translates to "lake".  Good one!  Joke's on us, Steve.  The jokes on us...whelp, better get our tequila "Minday's" on in style...since we can't spell them.

PS. Welcome to the blog party, Guatemala!  Celebrate your own tequila Minday!  Virtual shots of Patron on us!  Just don't try to spell ANYTHING after doing a few real ones.  Words to the wise...

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