Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lame Ninja Diaries. Chapter 2. Ninja Sneaks Onto Movie Set

Lame Ninja diaries. Volume 2: ninja sneaks onto to movie set with GREAT stealth and dexterity. 
Captains log. 01:00 hours. Ninja stealthily sneaks onto set of filming of movie "two guns" starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. By walking through the front door. Was given a tour of set. Adapting with dexterity to unanticipated confrontations, when asked if member of crew, obvious response was "yes". Ninja for hire was "hired" to help unload food for actors. Witnessed filming of stunt doubles searching dark room with guns. Lame ninja stealthily joined crew for lunch.  By walking up to buffet and helping myself. 03:00 hours.  Ninja makes grand escape. By walking out the front door.  Ninja mission accomplished. Our work on set is done. Ninja signing off. Over and out for now.  More lame ninja stories to follow. 

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