Friday, August 10, 2012

Lame Ninja Diaries, Chapter 3. Ninja Goes to FourSquare...Plays Ping Pong.

     Captain's Log.  02:00 hours.  Ninja stealthily sneaks into offices of FourSquare.  By signing in as guest.  Meets friend who works there.  Given tour of BADASS office.  Plays ping pong.  Loses twice.   Pretends to be employee.  Scans some documents.  Sends some emails.  Makes grand escape.  By taking the elevator.  Speaks to founder of tech start-up on elevator ride down.   He was happy they could be of service for a ninja's office needs.  LOL.  Ninja asks for job at said start-up (only partially joking) because of badass offices with ping pong tables and the following sign on door: "If the light is green, the trap is clean."   Ninja still for hire.  But possibly not for long... Ninja signing off.  Over and out for now.  More lame updates to follow.

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