Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Captain's Log. Day 26 at Sea. 0 eleven hundred hours. Reality Sets In as Insanity Remains.

Captain's Log. Day 26 at Sea. 0 eleven hundred hours. Reality Sets In as Insanity Remains.

No longer shipwrecked or starring in the latest cast of LOST, we are back on the boat and feeling fine. As we sail towards Sydney we are excited to disembark what is now officially considered a floating insane asylum. One more day to go until we are properly shipwrecked in Sydney and have the opportunity to regain our land legs (but not our dignity...nope, left that at the port in San Fran at about the same time doing the Macarena seemed like a good idea....not to mention our pride, which we traded in for BINGO cards.)

As reality sets in, we all collectively wonder what we're going to do on land when the cookie cart does not visit us like clockwork during afternoon tea. We are also starting to question whether we can ever again return to making our own beds, cooking our own meals or doing our own laundry. Yep, our time onboard is quickly drawing to a close and the harsh reality of day to day life without midnight buffets, vegetable carving demonstrations and Asian Ping Pong Occupations is slightly disconcerting. Only time will tell if we ever make the transition back to well adjusted land dwellers, but in the meantime, we're making the best of the situation by designing tattoos on each other's arms and backs with stolen red pens from the Bingo game that no one in our little crew managed to win.

On the bright side, yours truly has managed to infiltrate the Asian Ping Pong Occupation and was THIS close to winning a game. In the process, I received the following compliment"You're not bad for a white girl." LOL! Although I was not triumphant in winning the battle for white ping pong champion of the year, I'm pretty sure I won the war with that comment alone.

In other news, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED in finding a chess partner to beat (twice) on the oversized set on the pool deck, as other discerning passengers scrutinized our every move...staring at us like wild animals in a zoo (creeptastical? Yes.) Additionally, it has now been determined (the hard way) that attempting yoga poses on the top deck during rough seas is not advisable and will likely end in disaster (we left our pride and dignity in San Francisco, remember??)

Captain signing off. Over and out for now. More updates to follow (unless the talent show which is scheduled for later this evening ends badly and the origami aficionado is booed off-stage by an angry mob in favor of the Texan's impression of Hank Williams. Outcome uncertain at this point in time.)

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