Monday, June 25, 2012

Remembering Michael Jackson, The King of Pop: May the Good Lord, Shine A Light On You. Cause YOUR Light Still Shines to this Day.


Dear MJ,

While I'm sure you're up there smiling down on us, doing the moonwalk in the sky (on the moon?), we sure do miss ya down here.  It seems like just yesterday we were watching you on MTV, introduce the world to your white sequin glove and black sequin jacket that are forever memorialized in our collective minds.  You THRILLED us all with Thriller and quite frankly, still do.  I mean, the thing just NEVER GETS OLD. And probably never will.

I'm sure you already know this, but just in case you don't, we know you were involved in some high profile court cases that were controversial and publicly damaging in your later years.  But that doesn't negate the fact that you contributed MORE than ANYONE in  history to the music/entertainment industry...over DECADES.  You inspired us, Michael, in more ways than one.  Your dedication to entertainment was only PART of the equation.  You GAVE more than $300 million to charities around the world and helped so many people through your huge heart and limitless generosity.  

So, though you may have been embarrassed over court cases that may not have put you in the best light, YOUR LIGHT will shine on...long, long after your death.  We do hope you are resting in peace, Michael.  Doing that moonwalk on the moon, or on Steve Jobs' iCloud, perhaps...just don't lend him your iPad (word to the wise...).  

So, in the words of another great, Sir Mick, we can only hope that God's returning the favor, on behalf of ALL of us here on Earth..."May the good lord, shine a light on you...Make every song your favorite tune, May the good lord shine a light on you, Warm like the evening sun." 

With Love,

The United States of the World (and dogs too) XOXO

PS. I may SPEAK to dead people...but I don't SEE dead people...not yet, anyways.

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