Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Simple Request: Occupy HOPE. Cause Without it, We Ain't Got MUCH

A Simple Request: Occupy HOPE: No LONGER a Four-Letter Word.  Cause Without it, We Ain’t Got MUCH. 

  Cause things are looking UP. You see? Take it from me.

Welcome to your weekly update on the Occupy My Blog Movement on the Move.  Moving and shaking to new, dizzying heights….(of immaturity?)  Yep, forging ahead onto new and creative ways of insulting anyone and everyone we meet with our sometimes immature, yet hilarious, sense of humor.  Yes, my friends, together we are changing the shape of the illogical, mystical, crystal, musical, and lyrical landscape as we know it.  And for that we should be PROUD (on PRIDE weekend).  We couldn’t do it without EACH and every one of youz.
However, as you’ve probably guessed, I DO have one more simple request to kick this Occupy Movement up a notch: Occupy HOPE.  Cause without it we don’t have much.  We ALL hope and dream of a better future, a better job, a better love, a better home, (a better pirate?), a pair of jeans that make your ass look even BETTER than previously thought humanly possible…Yep, it’s what keeps us going, day in and day out.  A better life, for you and me.  Give that up and what’s left?  (rhetorical question people, please) 

What keeps us struggling day in and day out to make it in this sometimes cruel, sometimes fantastic world is the idea that with a little elbow grease, we’ll make it to where we want to be (sitting on the dock of the bay…wasting time).  Yep, we get UP each and every day with the notion that if we just work at it a little longer, try a little harder, do a little MORE we’ll achieve that social status we’re seeking…we’ll achieve our dreams of starring in the next reality TV show about friends from Philadelphia making collective asses of ourselves on national television while making it our personal mission to insult the state of New Jersey at every juncture humanly possible (move over Snooki and JWOW…we got some NEW kids in town).

Ever meet someone who’s completely and totally given up on life (ie: going by the name Shizzle McNizzle from here on out, perhaps?) threw in the towel, holed up in their apartment full of national geographic mags from the 70’s and 36 cats?  Ever wonder at what point they gave up their dreams of world domination in favor of the feline persuasion?  Ever consider throwing in the towel for a life of solitude on an island collecting shells?  Whelp, I have too.  But upon further inspection…giving up hope is essentially giving up on life. 

Things are looking UP.  You See?
When life begs the question, as it is apt to do: “what if this is as good as it gets?”  The answer? It’s NOT.  It could always be better, and it WILL BE.  If I have anything to say about it…which I DO, cause it’s my blog.  So get on board the HOPE train and never give it up.  Cause things are only looking UP from here.  I guarantee it.  Or your money back.

HOPE: it’s what’s for dinner, you hopeless romantics.

Happy Occupying!  Over and out for now.  More updates to follow.

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