Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Simple Request: Occupy Your Inspiration Overload. And Amuse Yourself with A Muse of Your Own.

Occupy Your Inspiration (Not Perspiration...Heat Wave's Over People) Overload.  And Amuse Yourself with A Muse of Your Own.

Inspiration overload  It's what's for dinner.

Don’t have a muse?  Just look around.  Inspiration abounds… all around...round every corner.  On every wall (the writing on the wall?  Read it.)...on the door…even on the floor…

You see?  Inspires me...

Welcome to your weekly update of the Occupy My Blog Movement on the Move.  Moving and shaking, breaking new ground.  Making waves in the status quo and going pro, bro.  My dear Occupiers, please take this opportunity to pat yourselves on the back for Occupying my blog so nicely.  Together, we are changing the social, emotional, local, evolutional and revolutional landscape as we know it.  And for that we should be PROUD.  And INSPIRED to keep going with this very important political and social movement.

However, (as you had probably guessed) I DO, have ONE more simple request to take this occupation to the next level (of amusing immaturity?).  Occupy your inspiration. And AMUSE yourself with a muse of your own.  Not feeling overly inspired these days?  Open your eyes, my friends.  The world of inspiration abounds, just waiting to be found.  Around every corner, under every nook and cranny.  Don’t believe me?  See below.


Unicorns and rainbows not your thing?  Take a look…in a book.  Or take a stab at poetry.  Climb a tree…sing “Call Me Maybe”?
Find inspiration.  In an ape...
  American Cock...inspired yet???  You SHOULD be.
It's ART people!

PLENTY of options out get over-inspired (not over-perspired...again, last week people, please.)

So go ahead, find your muse.  Maybe it’s a sunset, or a tree, maybe it’s you…hell, maybe it’s ME J  And AMUSE yourself with an inspiring thought, a word, a nod, a glance…Go ahead, take a chance… And in observance of our current circumstance…let’s all hold hands…and repeat after me: “Dropping rhymes is coolio, BRO.  So let’s go PRO”. 
Sunsets compounded.  Inspired yet?  Conspire to inspire...
Cause this MAY very well be As Good as it Gets.. "Okay, What I do is I watch.  You ever watch someone who doesn't know you're watching them?  An old woman sitting on a bus, or kids going to school...Or somebody just waiting, and you see this flash come over them..And you know immediately it has nothing to do with anything external.  Because THAT hasn't changed.   And when you see it they are just realer and more alive...I mean you look at someone LONG enough, you discover their humanity."

So, prepare to advance…cause next stop?  You guessed it.  Inspiration Station (not to be confused with Rehydration Station…just left there after sweating our asses off in unwavering heat wave in the Northeast).

Occupy it up, Buttercups!  Amuse yourself – find a muse – and Occupy your Over-Inspiration (not perspiration)  Happy Occupying!  Over and out for now.  More updates to follow.

In the meantime, we have this to amuse ourselves with.  Fred Rogers Style...

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