Friday, July 20, 2012

This is a Public Service Announcement. We are Officially Almost Famous...This Time on Reality TV. Doomsday, er Fameday is Upon Us. So Strike A Pose...AND "JUST SAY YES, To The Dress". Cause Rocker Brides Take Manhattan TONIGHT @ 9:00 on TLC. Your Official Preview is Here

Just Say YES.  To our impending doom, er FAME

KP!  Almost Famous.  TONIGHT we will ALL be golden gods..on national television.  (God save us)  So Just SAY Doomsday, er FAMEDAY, as rocker brides take Manhattan...tonight at 9:00 EST (God help us).   

So strike a pose... Vogue. 

Whelp, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Doomsday, er FAMEDAY is officially upon us.  We knew this day would come...and it did.  It has been announced that we are officially almost famous, with our big debut on reality TV, TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”, airing tonight at 9:00 PM.  Please tune in for what will widely be considered the end of our political careers J 
Details are below:

Jul 20, 9:00 pm
(30 minutes)

Say Yes to the Dress 
Rocker Brides 

Bride Kristin wants to find a rock and roll, edgy wedding dress. Lindsey who's all about leather and lace, surprisingly decides on a softer wedding dress look. Amber has two wedding dress priorities - a dress that is different and shows off her tattoos.
  Who's bad? 
We're bad.  (yep...pretty bad) So, LOOK OUT reality TV...We got a "Situation" here...
And move over Snooki!  We got a new kid in town...KP!  New Jersey's out.  Pittsburgh's IN.  (and May God have mercy on our souls...)
  Let's hope they did a fantastic editing job!  Or we MAY lose our day jobs...
New Plan B...MTV?  "Yessssssss."

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