Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ALCOHOL YOU LATER...Maybe! and THIS JUST IN: Call Me Maybe Claims Latest Victim: Spain

  Nice. ALCOHOL YOU LATER...Maybe.  Oh snap! Your sneak attack daily dose of Call Me Maybe comin' at ya!  In three, two, one...

WAIT THIS JUST IN: Friend reporting from Spain confirms our suspicions that the Call Me Maybe craze has spread across the Atlantic.  It is no longer contained within our national borders and NO ONE is safe...from the life changing effects (tho not necessarily for the better) this song is having on our collective NOW it's stuck in our heads until the end of time.  #callmemaybetakesovertheworldspainislatestvictim

Reporting will continue on this breaking story as more details are confirmed.  In the meantime, Call Me...Maybe?


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