Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Simple Request: Occupy Your Independence. And Stage Your Own Lifestyle Revolution...Or at Least Engage in Revolting Behavior

A Simple Request: Occupy Your Independence on this Week of Independence Day Celebrations.  And Revolutionalize Your Life.  (Or at the Very Least Engage in Revolting Behavior...Philly Style)

Cause at this point, what have we got to lose?  Our jobs?  Nope...gone the way of the dinosaur.  Our independent thought?  Nope, not that either.  Gone in favor of media sound bites and political propoganda.  Our financial independence?  Not a chance...blew it all in Vegas last weekend.  It's time to take back our OWN independence and have something to celebrate in our OWN addition to our NATIONAL independence which we are oh so very fond of celebrating.  Time to break on through to the other side...break down THE DOORS in our own way.  (or SHOOT our way through...true Philadelphia style...Door locked?  No problem here.  SHOOT IT...problem solved.)  And celebrate our newfound independence in the true American spirit.  By blowing shit up. 

Welcome to your weekly update of the Occupy my blog movement on the move. Taking flight. To reunite. For whats right (not left). A ray of sunshine in the dark of night. Yes, my fellow occupiers, we are flying high (like fireworks in the sky). Occupying it up and feeling fly (and rhyming. It's cool okay? Don't judge us brochachos). That's right, together we are changing the immoral, floral, coral and abnormal landscape as we know it. And for that we should be proud. Fist-bump! (or elbow bump. The hottest trend sweeping the nation).

However, while we were busy occupying our celebrations of our great nation's independence on the 4th of July...with freedom, liberty and justice for all (and dogs too)...I DO have one more simple request (as you may have guessed), cause it's HIGH time we occupied our OWN independence, and secure freedom, liberty and justice in each and every one of our lives.  Cause THAT, my friends, would REALLY be something to celebrate. Imagine, a lifestyle revolution, where we were free to live according to our OWN morals, visions, passions and interests, sense of fashion...true to ourselves and our goals, without the fears that go along with it, such as lack of financial independence or freedom of expression without judgement and denigration.  Imagine, a life of FREEDOM from conformity to other's expectations, be it corporate (get a job, wear a suit, occupy your office...and take OFF those spikes and skull jewelry) societal (get married, have children, buy house with picket fence) or political (pick a side and undermine the other party no matter what the cost).
Viva la revolution!
Yes, my friends, it's time to take back our OWN capacity for independent thought, occupation, fashion and lifestyle choices.  All made possible through financial independence.  Because remember, the rich and famous are NOT considered "crazy" they are  "eccentric".  Got that? (Think: Charlie Sheen re: Tiger Blood)  And eccentricity is "winning".  Haven't achieved your financial independence yet?  Don't worry, we haven't either.  Not YET anyway.  The right idea will FLY, my friends (fly Eagles fly...on the road to victory...) so brainstorm it UP.  And get CREATIVE on ways to shake your money maker.  Brainstorm till your little heart's content on the silly and useless things that Americans are willing to spend money on (Snuggies?) and create your OWN money making scheme (jump to conclusions mat?).  Then make it happen, captain!  Cause if the pet rock can do it, so can you. 
So fly like an Eagle  

Occupy your independent thought, and think and grow rich.  Revolutionize your life and to hell with conforming to others' expectations.  Cause you've now got enough in the bank to care LESS if your coworkers don't care for your use of spiked heels (and necklaces) as weapons against technology that REFUSES to conform to your demands that it actually work for a change.  Your newfound freedom to no longer fret about your neighbors', family and friends' planned intervention for your addiction to scarves and the song Call Me Maybe, will be WORTH the blood, sweat and tears it took to get there.  Cause we prefer "eccentric" to "crazy".  Got that?

And then celebrate in style...American blowing shit up.  

Alternatively, happen to be too lazy or preoccupied to put your revolutionary plan into action?  At the VERY least, engage in revolting behavior.  True Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love, style.  Cause people from Philly have a LONG history of rebellion, revolution and revolting behavior.  You can TOO.  Misdirect your pent up aggression in style...on no one in particular, but ANYONE who happens to stop and ask you for directions (or happens to be from New Jersey).  We revolutionize revolting behavior one day at a time...independent of what you happen to think of us (prolly not much...but that's A-OK).

Cause VICTORY WILL BE OURS, my friends...with INDEPENDENCE, liberty and justice for all...even dogs too (unless we get arrested for shooting various things that we cannot open...such as beer bottles, coconuts and the like...Can't open coconut?  No problem there...SHOOT IT.  Problem solved.  Done and done, our work here is done).  So Occupy your plan for independence, think and grow rich, and if something stands in your way?  SHOOT it (just remember, not people.  Inanimate objects  ONLY...otherwise you're going to jail.  And NOBODY wants to occupy a jail cell, remember?)
Viva la Revolution! (and viva la scarf)  
Happy Occupying (and shooting our way to Independence, social, political and financial freedom)!  Over and out for now.  More updates to follow.  
In the meantime, in preparation for football season that's right around the CORNER, people, let's join hands and pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of the Eagles.  And to the republic, for which it stands (Philadelphia), one Eagle, under god, indivisible, with freedom and justice for ALL (Philadelphia) Then repeat after me: E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

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