Thursday, July 26, 2012

THIS JUST IN: Ping Pong is Officially Added as an Olympic Sport

It's what's for dinner.
Special Olympics, that is.  And in honor of the Olympic games about to begin in London, NYC is bringing the heat to France, in a ping pong tournament SURE to be an epic battle...(to the death?)  So let the games begin!  SPIN!  And may the best country win (France is going DOWN...just saying...)  We will continue reporting on the scoring of tonight's epic battle of balls.  So grow a pair.  And bring it, France. Just wear underpants, mkay?

A pair of balls.  Mature?  Nope.  Not really....
Who will carry the torch to victory?  Only time will tell.  But I got my bets on New York City.  Cause we got balls.  A pair of em....and maturity times three ;)

  Update: it has come to my attention that ping pong already IS an olympic sport (who the hell knew?)  France chickened out and has yet to take on New York City.  To Be Continued....

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