Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bon Voyage. Cruising to the land down's ONE way to get there...Australia or Bust!

Step one. Escape from Alcatraz. Step two. Flee the country. To Australia?  Why not?  Apparently they like US citizens.  And for real too, not just on Facebook. 
As I prepare to embark from San Fran on epic journey to Australia, some final parting thoughts come to mind...Such as: was it a mistake to book a 27 night cruise to the land down under?  I mean,after my first buffet experience on the ship is it possible NOT to gain 20 pounds with all this food?  Only time will tell. Another concern...yours truly MAY in fact be the youngest passenger on this ship by at least 20 years. Hmmmm. Whelp nothing wrong with hanging those of the older generation persuasion. Not sure they will get me...but then again...there are quite a few gen X'ers who don't get me either. So who cares?  Ready or not, we're OFF to a life at sea for the foreseeable future. I just hope the south pacific is ready for our arrival. Australia or bust!

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