Thursday, October 4, 2012

Captain's Log. Day 14 at Sea. 0:1500 hours. The Rooster Crows at Dawn.

Captain's Log. Day 14 at Sea. 0:1500 hours. The Rooster Crows at Dawn.

Day 14 at sea after a successful occupation of Tahiti and Bora Bora and discovery of the TWO most beautiful places on earth, we return to the ship to more of the same. Passengers and crew alike simply cannot believe their eyes as the Asian ping pong table occupation crosses the two week mark. Staff have taken it upon themselves to set a special buffet and napkin folding demonstration nearby so the ping pong champions can continue uninterrupted while not missing out on all the ship has to offer. There are even rumors that the Princess singers and dancers are planning a ping pong themed can-can to preform atop the tables as the heated matches no doubt continue around them. As the world waits on the edge of their seats for new developments on this continuing saga, we will continue to provide the latest updates as they unfold.

In other news, women on the ship (myself included) have successfully staved off come-ons from men twice our age by enlisting the help of the resident DJ and a series of complex hand signals and facial expressions (such as mouthing the word "help" and waving) As we continue to enlist the assistance of various passengers and crew members on what seems to be an increasingly daunting task, we will continue to develop code words for "rescue me". Such as "the rooster crows at dawn." Or: "i think I'd like a latte."

Captain signing off. Over and out for now. More updates to follow.

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