Wednesday, June 6, 2012

THIS JUST IN: New Women's Lib Movement Spawned By Call Me Maybe: Hey we just met you, and this is CRAZY, but here's our number, "Don't Call Me, PAY ME"

"HEY, I just met you, and this is CRAZY, but here's my number, don't call me PAY ME."

Yes, that's RIGHT.  Women of the world UNITE!  Men! Feel like treating us like whores?  We've got somethin' to say about it: "Don't call me, PAY me".  Cause we're OVER being treated like whores...for free :)  To all you men out there, consider this your official warning.  Cause THESE "whores" don't come "cheap".
Don't mess with THESE bitches in ponchos.  We're smiling cause WE'RE NOT CHEAP

We agree to agree.  "Don't Call Me?  PAY ME"

Men!  Feel like LYING that you'll call the next day?  Don't bother.  Cause you know what's coming....

OH SNAP!  "Don't Call Me, Pay Me"
Oh LOOK!  ANOTHER "Don't Call Me.  PAY ME"!  Woo!
Women! Sick of being treated like a whore? (without getting paid?) Send me your photo and we will add you to this rapidly growing women's lib movement.  And join us.  Maybe?
  Naru Ending Wtf
We are the anti-whores (formerly known as anti-christs)
Nope, don't really give a fuck if you don't call.  "Don't call me?  Pay me!"
This BABY's on board.  Are YOU? (Hint: You should)

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