The altercation began when Sheen left the arena for a smoke break and the female security guard refused to allow him to re-enter the Staples Center, adhering to the building's strict no re-admittance policy. (Dammit, they are RACIST.  Against smokers)
WARNING: Explicit language.
Charlie Sheen is not a man who likes to be told "no." Video footage of the incident shows Sheen verbally lashing out at the guard.
“What does common sense dictate?" (obviously telling the security guard to blow my balls...common sense) he repeatedly asked the guard, before unleashing his fury. "You know what? F**king blow my balls, alright? You f**king a**hole!” (only obvious solution.  Common sense people)
Sheen continued his rant, calling the guard a "bitch" and again asked if she knew what "f**king common sense means" before telling her, "F**k you."  (HA!  Do YOU know what common sense means???  NO?  Blow my balls.  There's some common sense for ya)
Friends of the 46-year-old actor tried to restrain him, but he pulled away to explain himself to the surrounding paparazzi.
“It’s common sense and common courtesy, they’re, like, gone in society,” (LMAO.  Common sense and common courtesy BOTH dictate: "blow my balls") Sheen complained to the cameraman. “That’s what I was trying to impress upon [the security guard] … Let a guy back in a door he just walked out of … It’s about common sense, that’s all.” (Yes.  Duh.  Now blow my balls)
Sheen never regained entry to the game, ending the night on the same sour note -- the same way it began.  
According to Gossip Cop, Sheen also had an "expletive-laced interaction" with a fan on his way into the game. Sheen wasn't amused when the fan asked if the actor, who has a history of heavy drug use, had ever "done bath salts."
"Would you ask me that at a f**king dinner party, you moron? ... Go f**k yourself!" Sheen replied.  (LOL LOL only OBVIOUS answer to questions regarding bath salts.  DO NOT ASK CHARLIE ABOUT BATH SALTS.  TOUCHY SUBJECT)
Lets make a mental note of what not to ask Charlie Sheen at a dinner party. (NOT BATH SALTS, Christ.)