Thursday, May 31, 2012


Dear Europe (Greece & Spain),

Get your shit together.  It's time to end these reindeer games of bailout round robins and pick a new one.  A FUN game.  Like duck, duck goose.
Doesn't this look like more fun?

Duck duck GOOSE = FUN

Cause we are OVER your assault on the global financial markets in the silly game of: who's more broke than the other country?  Or: Who's banks need the biggest recaps?  It's not a beauty contest here so for the love of god, pick a new game AT ONCE.
Look!  Greece!  Spain!  A FUN GAME!  Woo!

Hey Greece, here's an idear: get yo citizens to pay taxes!  Hey Spain - recap yo banks!  And join hands, sing a song, get the fuck along, and try a FUN game of duck duck goose.

So much fun, we can barely contain ourselves!

The United States of the Words & Yo Motha XOXO

PS. Goose us.  

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