Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some Words on the Street: Let Them Eat FISH!

  Cake = out  Fish = in, fishes to knishes, that is...LOVE this truck...I'd rather be Phishing...(soon enough, 6/16 WOO) In the meantime, there's this, compliments of PHISH.  Loving Cup style...

"I'm the man, from the mountain, won't you come on up?  I'm the plow man in the valley, with a face full of mud, yes, I am stumblin', and I know my car won't start, yes i am fumblin' and I know I play a bad guitar, give a little drink from your lovin' cup. Just one drink, and I fall down drunk...I see your face dancing in the flame, I see your mouth kissing me again, what a beautiful buzz, ahhhh what a beautiful buzz..."

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