Monday, May 28, 2012

A Simple Request: Occupy Your Creative Outlets. And Get Some New Ways of Releasing That Pent Up Aggression.

A Simple Request: Occupy Your Creative Outlets. And Get Some New Ways of Releasing that Pent Up Aggression.  Cause punching holes through walls every time you hear the latest update on Snookie’s pregnancy or that Mike the Situation is hitting the gym again just isn’t cutting it these days.  Just saying.
Enough to put ANYONE into murderous rage mode?  Perhaps.  But there are better ways to deal.
Your Jersey Shore soundtrack is officially kicked off, right here:

An update on the Occupy my Blog Movement on the Move, steaming full speed ahead, charting new courses to uncharted waters (Mexico?).  My dear occupying friends, the time has come for us ALL to congratulate each other for an occupation well done.  Together, we are changing the universal, heretical, physical, chemical, environmental and political landscape as we know it and for that, we should be proud.  Without you, this very important occupation would not be possible and I’d like to take this opportunity to THANK you for occupying my blog so nicely.  We have BLOWN past the 6,000 mark on the number of youz that continue occupy with such vigilance and are not looking back anytime soon.

However, in the midst of much celebration for how far we’ve come, I DO have one more simple request: to Occupy your creative outlets.  And do something productive with that pent up aggression.  Don’t have any outlets?  Please get some at your earliest possible convenience.  Cause sitting on the couch day in and day out watching The Cosby Show and Full House reruns in hopes that reality TV will just go the F away is no longer considered productive.  Do something creative and release that inner hatred of the Jersey Shore and everything Snookie before it eats you alive (and it just MAY, mark my words).  Feel like murdering the next person that says “it’s a Jersey thing?”  You’re not alone.  But your habits of punching holes through walls are getting costly, not to mention unsightly for visitors.  Just saying.
Does this image send you into a fit of rage?  Read on for anger management assistance.
I say we channel that murderous rage into more productive endeavors (art, music, dance, poetry?), and quit punching things (and people from New Jersey) please.  (Remember: people from New Jersey are people too)

Now, I KNOW what you’re going to say: I suck at art (and LIKE taking out aggression on people from New Jersey).  The CLASSIC cop-out.   I’m always amazed at the number of people who shy away from creative endeavors because they operate under some misguided belief that they have to be born with artistic or creative talent in order to be any “good”.  Well, dear friends, art, music, writing, acting, creative problem solving, etc is not necessarily something we either have or do not.  Nope, all take PRACTICE, just like anything else.  I mean, you had to PRACTICE shooting guns across the Delaware river at anyone who spent too long in the tanning bed that day didn’t you?  
"Make art, not war." and "Shoot things, not people."

Some may start out further along than others with innate talent that gives them an edge.  But many of these “gifted” folks don’t even follow their talent through, and end up doing something entirely different altogether (such as raising chickens in the mountains of West Virginia while writing their next plan for world domination, before New Jersey takes over, per say…). Those that start at zero have more work do up front, but seriously, that doesn’t knock you outta the game.
So, get IN the game.  Then: POOF!  You have creative hobbies and bragging rights to boot!  (not to mention an outlet for that inner hostility we’ve been harboring for the real housewives of New Jersey) No, my friends, murder is not the answer.  Though it’s on many a mind these days.  Nope, ART, creativity and passion are the way forward.  To channel our aggression in more productive ways.  Otherwise, POOF!  You’re arrested a-holes.  And we do NOT want to occupy a jail cell.  Keep that in mind at all times.

So, look, there’s only one way to foster creativity (that doesn’t involve smoking pot or other illicit substances) and that is to USE our right brain in ways we are not accustomed to (or at ALL for some of us…you know who you are).   Stop: thinking “outside the box” and Start thinking: “There is no box”.  Do not confine yourself to what you already know.  Even if you think you’ll suck (not dicks, minds out of gutter) You prolly will (again, not dicks), at least at first cause that’s how it goes.  But with instruction, practice, hard work and dedication, you TOO can come a long way in developing hobbies that you never knew you could OCCUPY (besides my blog, that is).  You will not suck (dicks, unless you so choose…) And in this way, we will ALL be more interesting people who do not suck (dicks, unless we so choose).  Win- Win-WIN.
Bumper Sticker - 4" x 7" Mean people suck Nice people swallow  
It is also worth noting a related idea about mindset that will assist in your creative occupations.  Whether you choose to occupy finger painting to pole dancing, creative writing to interpretive dance, this one truth remains self-evident.  Start with the idea that you will fail…guess what?  YOU WILL.  Start with the belief you will succeed? You WILL.  Guaranteed.  Works every time.  Oldest trick in the book.  From finding a parking space to your next business endeavor, you will only manifest your beliefs be them positive or negative.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.  Go into that big speech thinking you’re gonna suck (again, NOT DICKS…inappropriate context here…) See what happens. My guess?  You probably WILL (only suck dicks should you so choose and NOT in MEETINGS people, seriously?  HIGHLY unprofessional).
<em>Mean People Suck Nice People Swallow</em> Funny Biker Patch <em>Mean People Suck Nice People Swallow</em> Funny Biker Patch <em>Mean People Suck Nice People Swallow</em> Funny Biker Patch <em>Mean People Suck Nice People Swallow</em> Funny Biker Patch <em>Mean People Suck Nice People Swallow</em> Funny Biker Patch <em>Mean People Suck Nice People Swallow</em> Funny Biker Patch
So go ahead, try something creative already.  Maybe writing love songs for your dog (god) has always struck a chord.  Do it.  Has making sculptures outta those empty beer bottles occupying your sink been on your mind?  Go for it.  I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?  You make an ass out of yourself while trying to sing Ave Maria as well as Pavarotti?  Your violin strings break during your big debut?  You look like a moron trying to imitate Picasso during an improv scene doing the worst French impression known to man?  Well, people MAY laugh at you, but who gives a shit?  At least you had fun.

I mean, what defines success anyway?  You don’t have to be the BEST violinist out there to have some fun with it (in bed?).  The only failures out there are those who fail to try.  So TRY something NEW already and discover some latent talents hidden in YOU.  You just MAY be surprised at what you find lying dormant in your own mind, body, soul or otherwise.  And always remember, my friends, WE DO NOT SUCK (dick, unless we so choose...and NOT in meetings or other professional settings).  
Biker Helmet <em>Sticker</em> Motorcycle Derby Skate 1x3" <em>Mean People Suck</em> ... <em>Mean People Suck Nice People Swallow</em>-motorcylce Helmet <em>Sticker</em> 3" ...  mean people suck Bumper Sticker<em>Bumper Sticker</em> - 4" x 7" <em>Mean people suck Nice people swallow</em> <em>Mean People Suck Nice People Swallow</em> Funny Biker Patch
Occupy it up, Buttercup!  I know I am.  Right here in Mexico City, where the girls are pretty (I rhyme now, one of my newly developed creative outlets.  LIKE it?  Ha!  No?  That’s ok.  Not really caring either way. ANOTHER rhyme lol…annoyed yet? Just wait…

Happy Occupying!  Over and out for now, more updates to follow.   (Unless I’m sold into sex slavery or murdered by pirates…only time will tell…but will be sure to update Facebook status accordingly)

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