Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Entirely Apropos Post Given the Shenanigans that went down on Friday. A Look Back, At the Party That Never Sleeps (That Didn't Sleep) in the City that Never Sleeps (Still not sleeping)

  Party in the Backyard. (unless you are a cop, then there is no party.  move along.)  LOL More like, party on the ROOF (unless you are a cop) It's not a party till the cops show up.  Just saying...Next time, we're placing bets on what time they show.  The over/under will be midnight.  The last one was 2 AM.  Very nice of them to hold off for that long, yep, very nice indeed.    The Beastie Boys agree.

  Whelp, it's also not a party until a few people trip over some cables on the roof, some cacti die (compliments of cacti killer numero uno: AKA: THAT GUY)  and dance party USA kicks it till 2 AM.  Party people partied it up.  And yours truly did too.  Cause that's how we roll, DJ.


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