Thursday, June 21, 2012

Omfg even DOGS are Joining the "Don't Call Me Pay Me" Women's Lib Movement!

Fuck You Pay Me.  DOGS join the Don't Call me pay me movement!  Woo!

Hahaha hysterical!  Dogs aren't taking this new women's movement lying down either (tho this one's lying down).  Men!  Now hear this!  Feel like treating us women (and now dogs) like cheap whores?  Well we got one thing to say to you: "Don't Call Me, Pay Me."  Yep, spawned by Call Me Maybe, we are OVER being treated like whores (and not getting paid haha) So!  Consider yourselves warned.  Cause with Gods, er Dogs, on board, this movement is REALLY going places.  Women of the world (and dogs too), unite!  For what's right.  Not being treated like whores, without getting paid :)
"Don't Call Me, Pay Me"

We LIKE this (for real, not just on Facebook)

AND!  We are designing our OWN calling cards as we speak.  Soon to hit the market: Don't call me pay me cards!  Stay tuned...Until then OH SNAP!  Your sneak attack double dose of Call Me right here.  Cause it's one of those days...Jimmy Fallon and the Roots agree.


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