Monday, June 18, 2012

A Simple Request: Occupy Your Preoccupation. With Anything but What You're Supposed to be Doing. And Embrace Your ADD in Style.


A Simple Request: Occupy Your Preoccupation.  With anything but what you're supposed to be focused on.  Because in this day and age, is it even possible to NOT have ADD?

Welcome to your weekly update on the Occupy My Blog Movement that parties it up! On the roof with no name that went slightly insane...when the cops came. Yes, my friends, the Occupy Movement on the Move occupied it UP on my roof. Shouts out to ALL of youz who occupied my roof so nicely on Friday and very special shout outs to the music makers: DJ Xander Phoenix and friends as well as Willis Tree featuring BLINKY. They were fantastic music makers...and WE were the dreamers of a dream. Of not getting arrested for the flash mob on the roof. Yes, my friends we did NOT get arrested, though our friendly NYPD did make a cameo appearance. Apparently it's not Coolio to occupy my roof so late in the evening. But it's all good in the hood, and for THAT we should be proud. So give yourselves a hand for an occupation well done.  Together, we are changing the musical, hysterical, miracle, illegal and illegible landscape as we know it.  And we could not do it without each and every one of youz.

However, in the midst of much celebration (for not occupying a jail cell), I DO have one more Simple Request: to Occupy Your Preoccupation. With just about ANYTHING but what you're supposed to be focused on. Cause let's face it. The laws of distraction dictate our lives more so now than ever before. Try to focus on one particular thing? Forget it. Prepare to be interrupted by 10 text msgs, 4 Facebook notifications, 29 emails, and 5 phone calls. Care to attempt the most basic task? Like cleaning up the murder scene occupying your kitchen sink? Forget it, cause you'll remember 15 things you needed to do before taking care of the evidence. Priorities people, please. At which time, you embark on ALL of these 15 items at the SAME time. Care to finish any of these highly important tasks? (updating your Facebook status to murderers anonymous?). Highly unlikely, my friends. Cause 7 more to-dos are gonna crop up in the process until the situation deteriorates to the point where you are unable to remember to take your Ritalin because you're too preoccupied with what Justin Bieber just tweeted about being a gangsta (he IS, right?).

And what WAS it that you just ran into your bedroom to accomplish? One for the ages, my friends, one for the ages. Cause you're off to more important wondering why your 80 year old neighbors REFUSE to wear clothes in their living room while texting each other instead of actually speaking.

No, I'd like us all to resign to the fact that with modern technology assaulting our every attempt to finish what we start, we may as well embrace our preoccupations. Own them. And put off curing cancer and fostering world peace for another day. But don't worry, I can GUARANTEE that if war breaks out, or you happen to be afflicted with an incurable form of douchiopath personality disorder (afflicting MANY a person these days) you'll be too busy updating your Facebook and twitter status to care.

So just obey the laws of distraction and occupy your preoccupation (with world domination?) with a vengeance. Because world peace and curing cancer can wait. While we stave off accomplishment and advancement in our personal and professional lives in Facebook status update at a time.

Happy Occupying! Over and out for now. More updates to follow. Unless, of course, the Jersey Shore achieves complete and total mind control (which it just MAY). At which point we will ONLY be able to use the words: Bro, Jersey Thing, Buddy!!! Babe, snookie and Situation from here on out. And lemme tell ya, at this point, the Situation is NOT looking good here, Bro. :)
#jerseyshoretakeovertheworld (God help us) In the meantime, there's this addition to your Jersey Shore soundtrack to preoccupy ourselves with:

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