Friday, June 22, 2012

Words with Friends, Volume 11,440. We Went Pro, Bro...At NEXTing

    Haha yep!  Step right up, to the offensive table.  Feel like getting offended?  Feel free to spend some time with us.  We're pros.  And we're ready to offend you.  It was fo real funny, you just forgot to laugh.  Yep. Like us now?  Not so much?  Yeah...why am I NOT surprised?  Oh well...plenty 'o people to offend out there.  Who's NEXT? Public offenders numero uno and dos, at your service.  You prolly won't like it...and definitely not on Facebook.

SEXTing = out, NEXTing = in

Cracker Agrees.  Teen Angst Style...

"I don't know what the world mayneed, 
but I'm sure as hell that is starts with me. 
And that's a wisdom,
I've laughed at." 

"Cause, what the world needs now 
is a new kind of tension. 
Cause the old one just bores me to death." 

PS: WELCOME BACK to the blog party, Honk Kong!  It's nice to see youz here on this fine Friday!  Just don't get offended mkay?  And if you do?  Oh well.  NEXT! 

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