Thursday, June 21, 2012

Words with Friends, Volume 11,205. Quadruple the Pleasure, Quadruple the Fun

  Yep, pretty sure friends from Philly are too much for one person to handle...yep, PRETTY sure of that :)  Many have tried before...How'd it turn out you might ask?  #epicfail 

Ha! Think you can survive an Eagles or Flyers game?  With US?  You MAY want to reconsider...unless you enjoy a healthy dose of obnoxious to the 4th power times loud to the nth degree.  Cause that's how we roll....Quadruple your (dis) pleasure and quadruple the fun (annoyment) So, proceed at your own risk...and don't say we didn't warn youz ;)  Cause football season is only a FEW short months away, people.  Till we start spray-painting famous people green (the new orange)...In the meantime, there's THIS preview:  
  Fly Eagles Fly...on the road to victory...

PS. WELCOME the the Blog Party, Montenegro!  Where are youz?  You'll LIKE our conversations, guaranteed. Or your money back.  

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