Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Know Anyone Who's Been Injured on a Bike? A Stationary Bike, That Is...

Reflections.  On stationary bike injuries.  Fashion Emergency.

No???  Well I do....Just spoke with someone who was injured on their stationary bike this morning.  During dismount, large scrape on inner thigh.  Tore his Lululemons.  Don't worry though, the Fambulance (fashion ambulance) was rushed to the scene.  All good in the hood now.  Pride may still be damaged.  Nothing to be done about that.

Stationary bike injury: Might this have been involved (pictured above)?
Send the fambulance....

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  1. You can get injured using a stationary bike workout.

    Seriously though, you can get injured. This short Youtube video helps in that it pinpoints the vulnerable areas.
    It's classified as a "doodle" video.