Monday, May 7, 2012

Operation Kill Devil Did NOT Go According to Plan. Still WON in Obnoxious & Immaturity. Philly Always Wins, Even When We Lose

Whelp, Operation Kill Devil did NOT go according to plan last night.  However, I'm still pretty sure we WON in obnoxious and immature behavior.  Philly fans definitely win in that category.  And for that, we are proud.  Because no one tells you to fuck off with such style and creativity like a Philadelphia sports fan.  Just not possible.  So, guess what New Jersey?  You may have won the game, but not the war.

PS.  Philly still doesn't like you (we don't like anyone).  Trenton Makes, The World Takes...LOL.  THAT's what you're bringing to the table?  LOL.  Oh yeah, I forgot about Camden.  So, you have that going for you, which is nice...(not)

PPS.  New Yorkers don't really like you either.  Nope, not really...Lovefest 2012 still in full effect.  We love each other...and New Jersey's not invited.

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