Monday, May 21, 2012

Burning Down The House: Rose Blows Things Up. Like Perfume bottles too close to burning candles. The REAL Slim Shady Just Stood Up.

  Took a bow.  And almost blew up living room during operation MOON ME.  Success, in my humble opinion.
YES.  Empire state of mind.
  Not a joke.  Almost blew up living room, literally, NOT figuratively.  Burning down the house.  GOOD thing my CAT-LIKE reflexes kicked into high gear and I saved our building from burning.  YEP.  GOOD THING.  Operation MOON ME was a SUCCESS.  Lmfao
SAY YES.  TO RAINBLOWS.  And Alien encounters of the fourth kind.  Abduct me?  Maybe?
  We smile, like rainblows and empires.  Like like like
PRE RAINBLOW.  Perfect pictures of maturity...
PS.  Guess who didn't sleep last night and is going to post obnoxious things on FB today???  Hint: prolly not YOU.  Sleep still = to for the birds.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  LIKE it?  Nope?  Not really?  Don't care.  Neither does honey badger.  Never fukking cares.


Firestarters.  All of us.  Good thing there are firemen.  Yep.  Good thing for that...One o these days we're gonna need em...just saying.

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