Monday, May 21, 2012

Obama Likes Football. So Do I. New Phila Eagles Mascot = Angry Birds


I believe that we the good people of Philly should make our new Eagles mascot = to Angry birds.  Cause that's REALLY what we are.  

Angry people, about nothing in particular, but ANYONE who happens to not know where they are going.  Or walk out in the street when light is green (they WILL hit you there as opposed to New York where they try generally to avoid pedestrians)  Kept forgetting was not in NYC anymore, PHILLY WILL not hesitate to run you over.  THEY BRAKE FOR NO ONE.  lmfao.  Almost got HIT about 5 times.    Pretty angry.  Over sports teams that don't win, other teams that DO win, and pretty much life in general.  But it's still always sunny there.  Even when it rains.  Like Rhianna.  And it's time for UMBRELLA ella ella...cause it's raining here in the Big Apple.  At least people will not aim car directly for any pedestrian that happens to be occupying their iPAD that they now like better than most people.  Yep.  Good thing for that...can still stand under MY umbrella tho.  Cause that's how we roll.  We also throw things at players that suck.  Like ice balls with batteries.  Yep, do that too.  LOL  Like us?  Not so much?  WE DO.  So does OBAMA.  And Now Rhianna.


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