Monday, May 21, 2012

HOLY SHIT! Huffington Post Read My Mind TOO: This Just In: GPS FOR SOUL! I Don't Got One, But Am Still Alive...For Now. Pirate Communicated. Apparently Outta Jail Compliments of Yours Truly...double trouble times three...

  Pearl Jam's still alive.  Me too for now.  Till another PIRATE jam is right around tha life has taken a turn for the weird lately.  Not really having a problem with it tho...NOPE not so much...
GPS For The Soul
THANK YOUZ!  Been looking fo mine, soul that is...for long time now.  Sold to Devil for Flyers win against PITT.  MIA.  NEED SOUL LOCATOR GPS!!!  Yes.  Amazing.  If you will it Donny, it is NO dream.

Wake Up And LIVE! 

  Or DIE trying.  With Pirates.  Real ones.  Not wanna be's like see?

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