Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did You Know That Vincent VanGogh Committed Suicide at The Age of 37?

Whelp, you do now.  I didn't know that until a friend forwarded this.  Props to Brad.  So sad, but here's a tribute to one of the greatest artists I've had the pleasure to admire.Irises (Irises = Favorite)
Vincent VanGogh

He was only 37 when he took his own life.

Most do not realize he was that young.

You have heard the song many times before, but the presentation clearly chronicles that this song "Starry, Starry Night" was written in memory of Vincent Van Gogh, as a tribute by Don McLean, in the 1970’s.

It is rumoured Van Gogh's painting of “Starry Night' was painted during his confinement in an asylum and he sold only one painting during his lifetime as he was nameless while alive.
  Cafe Terrace at Night (Vincent van Gogh)  Starry Night Over the Rhone (Vincent van Gogh)
Perhaps that's what caused him to fall into an abyss of depression which eventually led to his suicide.
How tragic for him to have felt so hopeless and misunderstood in spite of being so gifted!
(Yep, I KNOW the feeling.  Artist dilemmas compounded...)

It's a pity.

So, sit back and enjoy the works of Vincent Van Gogh.
 (I sure do)

The man of the hour.  
Dear Vincent:

You probably already know this but the world simply ADORES you and your work!  It could not be more fabulous.  And for that, we THANK you.  You may not have felt appreciated in life, (as many many do) but I'm SURE you're basking in glory now, smiling down from the heavens because of the BUZZ you've created here on Earth.  

Listen, Vincent, it's spanned decades and NEVER gets old.  The buzz is about YOU, my man.  You will always be remembered, you've left your mark, and for that you should be proud.  We look up to you, admire your creativity and passion, and with any luck, can follow in your footsteps (minus the suicide bit...)  

So please, for all of us down here, if you haven't done so already, stand up, take a bow and pat yourself on the back.  Cause you ROCK.  

We look forward to meeting you when death knocks on our door (potentially this weekend in Mexico...only time will tell).  Until then, we will continue to enjoy your amazing work, as generations before have done, and generations after will continue to do.


The United States of the World & Dogs Too  XOXOX
The Potato Eaters (Vincent van Gogh)

PS. Just because I speak to dead people doesn't mean I see them...yet. :)

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