Monday, May 21, 2012

My LIFE is now Complete. Was Called Pirate on the Street Yesterday (As a COMPLIMENT LOL)

  I may not the strongest, I may not be the Fastest, BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF I'M NOT TRYING MY HARDEST.  TO BE A BETTER PIRATE (KING).  Still Facebook status.  Pirates LIKE me.  Even when they go to the big house.  Then I have to jailbreak them.  Yep, sure do.  Nope.  Pirate missed me, and did NOT steal anything as previously thought...

Curiosity = piqued...KILLED THE CAT? (I'm too sexy for my cat, to sexy for my cat, POOR PUSSY, POOR PUSSY CAT)

Hmmmm.  Good decision, bad decision I know which is which but which do I WANT to DO? as I SAY people, not as I DO.  Go ask Alice.  Same BOAT.

Pirate wants to have dinner to discuss.  Maybe he'll buy me dinner to make up for cc charges Bahahaha.  Whelp, liver still hates me, sleep = for the birds, may go jetblue soon, to set sail for Pirates of the Carribean.  Johnny Depp Mexico City and the party that never sleeps on the roof that never sleeps on 6/15 with famous folks woo!  Also, post Phish in AC AKA: ruin your life round two.  Good times will be had by all.  Cause once you go may die.  Walking the plank.

Better the pirate you know...RIGHT?  (Nope prolly not)  Well, maybe not bad idea to make nice with said pirate.  Better to like me and not want to murder me...good thing I'm fleeing the country on Friday to Mexico.  Yep, a very good thing indeed.  Better to get sold into sex slavery in Mexico. Ha.  Good thing mexican friend is accompanying.  Cause I don't speak Spanish.
Ah well, it really doesn't matter, now does it?  Matter matter matter matter matter.  Pirates are still coolio in my book.  As long as they LIKE me.  Yep, better to have pirates on your side than against you.

And added bonus = still have friends in high places that can phone in a favor for your truly.  Philly unions ROCK.  Woo.

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