Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who Sunk my Battleship? On the Hudson. NO ONE. Fly Boyz, Battleships, Pirate Ships UNITE! Right Here in NYC! Woo! Lovefest 2012 GOT A LOT Bigger Today.

  Who's Bad?  THESE GUYS!
Fly boyz UNITE!  For what's right!  Battleships and pirate ships.  OUR FAVORITE
A storm's a comin'.  A Battleship storm, that is.
Fly Boyz times two.  In Helicopters.  Woo!
WAVE that FLAG, Wave it wide, and high...
Battleship's revenge, with Liberty on the Side.
Love Love Love.  John Phillip Sousa does two.  76 trombones worth.

Who sunk my battleship?  NO ONE!  Can't mess with THESE bad ass battleships.  
Pirates take the W.  Only the BEST for the guys.
They Meet.  They hug it out.  Kisses!  Lovefest going on round here!  Hey DC!  WHACHU GOT? (besides traffic jams?  LOL)
Liberty is smokin' hot.  So are battleships, pirates and fly boys.  Wow!  Who could ask for anything more?

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