Sunday, May 20, 2012

Roof with a view. Post FAMEDAY Reflections. Pre MOON DAY from My ROOF. COME IN MICK JAGGER AND KEITH RICHARDS. I HEAR YOUZ Are In Town. PLEASE JOIN US TONIGHT! ON MY ROOF. Pretty please with cherry on top? Thank you.

  Care to see some aliens with my neighbor?  JOIN me.  Maybe?  Tonight!  Starts at 5:00.  We're gonna have a hoe down, solar eclipse style peeps.  With neighbor and telescope.  Woo!  Hit me UP.  You will like this.  Guaranteed.
  Yesterday = fameday, went off without a hitch.  Woo!  Created new type of bird.  Pea-fuck.  Like it?   LOL  Here pea fuck!  You hoo!  Haha.  People liked our show.  Phony rappers united.  In style.  Today = moon-day with fresh margaritas!  Here we come solar eclipse!  Tomorrow = fuck this shit day.  Ready!  Set, DON'T GO yet.  Wait for my signal Moon-man   Commeth.
  MICK!  KEITH!  I HEAR you're in town!  JOIN US!  PLEASE!  We will LIKE IT!  There, that should do it.  Done and done. Consider it done.  We will be PLEASED TO MEET YOUZ.    

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