Wednesday, May 23, 2012

World Peace Defined: Allow Me To Let You In on a Little Secret. To World Peace. And You Can Thank Me Later ;)

What if people around the world purchased the fruit of YOUR current passion?

(Be it art, music, food, jewelryChinese food to-go boxes? plants, stones, anything really)
Then, what if YOU purchased the fruit of your neighbor's passionate endeavor...

...knowing that your neighbors will do the same for YOU?
And in THAT way keep our passion and inspiration alive. 

With a little help from our friends.

  Oh wait, don't we already do that??

And is THIS the definition of world peace?

I believe it is.

If doing what you're passionate about prevents the need to numb out of your mind numbing spirit crushing day job shouldn't we get to it already Imagine...then...

Just do it.  

  Listen to the voice of reason.

If not for YOU, do it for world peace and the sake of mankind.

  And remember to have FUN...
...Storming the castle
Victoria (victory) is OURS
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