Wednesday, May 23, 2012

THIS JUST IN: Fly Boyz Fighter Jets Battle Battleships and Pirate Ships! On the Hudson! WOW! If You Missed it, See Below for More Details.

  Day is now complete.  With fighter jets, battleships and pirate ships parade.  A few of my favorite things...that you most certainly do NOT see every day.  Your daily dose of Patriotism is Right Here.  Catch it.

We are lovers and fighters.
We luv fly boyz!  Woo!  Incredible lunch break!!
Bad ass times two with Liberty to the infinite power.  Woo!  Patriotism is NO longer a dirty word.

Pirates jumped in the ring too!  Woo!  Pirates battle it out with battleships and fly boyz.
Who will win?  Only time will tell.  LOTs of excitement on the Hudson today.

Flag it UP FLY BOYZ!

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