Thursday, May 24, 2012

Philadelphia Means "City of Brotherly Love". See below for more details and Learn Some History. History = Cool

  Founded by William Penn, Laid out in 1682 (means it's old and most likely haunted people) Chartered a City in 1701.  Pennsylvania's capital until 1799, the NATION's capital till 1800 (still should if you ask me, not that anyone did tho)  Name Means: "City of Brotherly Love".  And BOY do we love each other.  Yep, sure do.  Find our anger misdirected entirely too amusing.  The rest of the county does NOT.  But we say, fuck em.  We got personality, and personality goes a LONG way (quite possibly to jail in the bottom of the Eagles stadium  Lol). Like us now?  Nope? Not so much?  GOOD.  That's the way we LIKE it.  

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